The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need

Welcome to my site about “diabesity”—that devastating and completely avoidable combination of diabetes and obesity—and the Blood Sugar Solution, a whole foods weight loss program. I’m using BSS to get healthy; it’s the best weight control program I’ve ever used. I hope you will gather useful information that will help and encourage you to lose weight and get healthy if that is the reason you came to my site.

cover of Dr. Mark Hyman's book Blood Sugar SolutionI have always struggled with my weight and have been on every single diet you can imagine—from eating nothing but carrots to eating six small meals a day. Nothing has worked for me to keep off the weight and I’m facing a major decision to lose weight, once and for all. This is what the Blood Sugar Solution (BSS) promises to do for me and for you if you care to join me. Dr. Mark Hyman calls the BSS program “the last diet that you will ever need”. The reason for this is that the program introduces new and exciting ways to prepare and eat foods with good combinations that lower your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. And it does this not with medication, but with real foods. Delicious food!

About Good Food Buzz

This web site was created to help me and others who struggle with weight and its health issues. Navigating my site is very simple. Visit my blog on the menu under the banner picture. Follow my weight-loss progress on Skinny Me. From the side panel on the right, you can select a topic which will load only posts in those categories. From time to time, I’ll also run an opinion poll.

Topics You’ll Find on Good Food Buzz
Diabesityred heart Here you’ll find articles and information about diabesity and about foods that will lower your blood sugar slowly and more in tune with your system. We learn about good foods to consume as well as those to avoid, thereby reducing the need for medications.
Daily MenusTable setting icon You might find my daily menu boring, but it helps me so much. For one thing, it’s a great way to keep track of my daily consumption. And two, it lets me know how many days I’ve been successful, or the days (few and far between) that I need some extra help.
Quotes When I find an article pertaining to obesity and diabetes, I share a quote from the article with you. Such interesting and important information will help us succeed in our weight loss or ‘get healthy’ program.
Recipes This is where you will find the ‘delicious’ part of my blog—very good recipes that are good for you too. All the dishes that I publish here are made with ingredients, such as whole foods, herbs, and spices, that are readily available. No chemicals or processed foods here, just real foods from scratch! The recipes are easy to follow and fun to prepare!
Table SettingsFlower centerpiece At this corner of my blog, I’ll share my personal table settings. I like to spice up the environment in the dining room by using any occasion, season, or holiday as an excuse to decorate the table. It makes the dining experience more enjoyable and lively and provides a relaxing and beautiful place in which to dine.
ThoughtsLightbulb icon This is where I pour my heart out. I explore the many ways this life-changing process is having on my mind, body and spirit. I explain what things I’m going through while revamping my kitchen of all the “frankenfoods”. Find out what frankenfoods are.
WeightWeight scales icon I have a weigh-in day every week and I post the outcome here for all to see. Some might not understand how I can post my weight online, but for me it helps me to be honest and also leaves a record of all I have gone through to reach my goal weight.
ExerciseExercise iconMy exercise program is called the Five for Five Club. We can choose the exercises in our program, but they must consist of strengthening, toning, and aerobics. Our collective goal is to encourage greater fitness and health—more flexibility, better muscular strength, and good cardiovascular fitness. Each week I create and display a rewards poster to illustrate our individual progress.
Photosjpg iconA picture is worth a 1000 words, they say. Well some are worth more than that because they hold precious memories. Here are a few of mine.


In 2010 I had a heart attack — a minor one but I had to have a couple of stints placed in my heart to take care of the blood flow better and I was put on more medication than I have taken in my entire life.

So, my goal is to get healthy and stop taking all the medication: Plavix, Altace and Lipitor. With the Blood Sugar Solution plan, I might be able to even stop taking the Zyrtec every day for allergies.

January 2013 Update

I seem to have hit a plateau around the Christmas holidays. After 259 days on the Blood Sugar Solution program, I was no longer losing weight. So, starting on January 21, I am using Jake the Body Builder’s 21-day diet. I know it was partly because I was ill and not sticking to the BBS program, and I haven’t completely stopped using Dr. Hyman’s basic ideas of fresh foods simply prepared.

Thank you for browsing my site. I hope you will leave a comment and come back from time to time. Take care, CaFe

November 2020 Update

If you’ve ever had a weight problem I’m sure you will understand what happened to my weight loss program with Blood Sugar Solutions. I do not feel in any way that the BSS is not a good and healthy way to lose weight, but I do know that everyone is different and we all just have to keep trying to get what is good for our system.

I have been trying the Keto diet plan for almost this whole year and I hope to start sharing some of the wonderful low-carb meals I’ve been finding everywhere. That’s right Keto is everywhere! Online, in magazines at the supermarket, and friends and family members are spreading the word too.

I’ve lost 22 pounds so far with this diet plan. Initially, for several months, I partially eliminated carbs from my diet because I was “cleaning out” the stock in my kitchen. For a few months afterwards, I really got serious and followed my carb intake with the stick–yes!–the urine stick. I was staying in the pink and losing weight. Then I hit a plateau and couldn’t lose without gaining it back right away. Of course I was frustrated with it and gave up. We all go through our own process with our foods…the ones we love and can’t live without or ones that we’d never want to see again! For months after the plateau I actually didn’t completely stop eating the keto way; after all, my kitchen was pretty much free of high-carb foods. However, I did find myself eating too much of the good stuff. I gained 11 pounds back from the 16 that I had lost the first time on the Keto diet.

Now I have started again and am losing weight and eating wonderful food again. I make menus up for the week so that I will not overeat. It’s working and I plan on reaching my desired weight.I hope to be able to post more menus on my Good Food Buzz blog and I hope you will join me in the process of making it a life-long and healthy change.