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It just might be that I lost 2 pounds. However, I have gained 1 pound from the week before. It’s hard to say since I did not weigh last week. But now I have lost 34 pounds. I’m just steady maintaining my weight. Though I will not give up because soon I will start losing again. In April 2012 I weighed 227 pounds and now I weigh 193.

The SkinnyR chart only puts the amount of pounds I have lost (or gained). At each dot on the graph a little minus sign and a number indicate the pounds I have lost at that date, which is shown on the bottom row of the graph. I like seeing the downward movement of that line!

NOTE: I decided to remove the SkinnyR chart due to spam comments.


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  1. Sound like a good plan! You are doing great! I am having a good time with Reed. He is taking a nap now so I have to work on my lesson for GAs tonight. It is hard to get things done with a baby. He is always moving and is keeping me busy!

  2. Cecilia, Thanks for visiting my site. I wish you could try some of these recipes. They are all printable so if you see one you like…just click on it and you’ll see the PRINT at the top of the recipe. I know you are enjoying having Reed with you. Where is he sleeping? Not upstairs… probably in Jennifer’s old room?? Love you!

  3. Hi there.
    GREAT to see your blog and progress!!!
    I have been battling my weight from high doses of steroids and Multiple Sclerosis shots I give myself.
    I have fought back now for 2yrs… started at 176# … and you know I weighed about 120# when I worked with you.
    I do not believe in crash diets at all… and my weightloss has been SO SLOW… maybe 1# a month, BUT when it is OFF it stays off =) I have used exercise and walking as pain medication… as morphine and all the other drugs out there do not drop my extreme nerve pain even by 1/10… I live with 5/10 migraine like pain on my right side of my face…everyday( trigeminal neuralgia) and brain vasculitis ( inflammation of the blood vessel walls)… and other junk!!
    BUT I WANT YOU to see that my struggle and your struggle are the same…. called WILL-POWER!! These diseases are NOT going to make me/you surrender!
    I am now down to 148# ( 2yrs later ) and fighting like a girl!
    My goal is to get down to 140-145# ~ which I realise is a healthier weight and is obtainable!! I want to be healthy to fight my disease flare-ups… and improve my endurance and muscle integrity, which my M.S. attempts to rob from me daily.
    I do a lot of research and have found this VERY interesting and easy to incorporate in my day.

    and it is VERY GOOD for bloodsugars and CAD. PLEASE read these sites, I got mine at walmart where the olive oil etc is…
    Let me know what you think…
    Expect a Miracle!

  4. Oh Lara! I feel your pain. I’m so sorry that it’s this hard for you every day!!! And to know the faith that you have even while going through this is something else to make me respect your struggle even more! I love you!
    I will try the safflower oil. I use extra-virgin olive oil most of the time but I have used sesame oil too… And Shirley has gotten several other oils that are better for you that we have tried.
    Thanks for visiting my site and YES!! Let’s do this together. It will be fun! Love, Caro

    • I will do that!! I can not believe how easy this is! Just eat these wonderful real foods and lose weight. No yo-yoing up and down the scales! It is a God Send for me.
      bookmark my site and visit me for more updates. I post something every day and every two days or so I put a new recipe up. Try one of the dishes and let me know if your girls like the dish. OK. I’d be interested in knowing what kids think about the foods. Thanks for your comment and I pray you are having a good day!

    • Happy Birthday to the birthday day Boy!!! I hope you had a nice one this year! And thank you so much for your support!

    • Yes, I was at Kroger the other day and thought…if I ran into you there with your baby boy…I’d probably be so shocked at how big he is now! We need to get together. Thank you for visiting my site and for your comment! I love this way of eating!

  5. CaFe, you’ve lost 32 pounds – & counting. How has your energy level changed over the past 2 months? Can you tell a difference? Your lifestyle gives you nutritious meals that make the weight-loss more stable. No cravings, weakness before meals, blood pressure drops, etc. Do you notice any of these? I’m so happy for you. Keep up the excellent work!

    • Yep, 32 pounds but then I had lost 33 pounds but I started gaining back a few pounds… hopefully, I’ll continue to lose now. I still don’t even think about having a diet soda…I sometimes buy soy milk or almond milk for a recipe and then will have it as a treat till it’s gone… I don’t get hungry between meals so I rarely will snack but I have a habit of eating my lunch all morning long…just a few bites at a time. And no…my B/P seems to be fine.

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