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  1. I am ready for another week of this. In fact I am going right on into the Blood Sugar Solution plan. Of course I will modify the menus so that I will not have to buy so much food. I hope to be able to share some of the new ‘good foods’ that I will be tasting this week. And remember, I will have no sugar, breads or caffeine!!! So far so good. And I lost 4 pounds the week of the Drug Holiday.

  2. Sounds delicious as well as attractive. Maybe for a nutritious party platter. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Oh, yes…the pecans give it a nice little crunch. I love this dish and will have it again too! It deserves 5 stars.

  4. What a lovely Mother’s Day table! Green and peach, flowers and lace — just perfect. Your Mother’s Day dinner will surely be pleasing both to the eye and the tummies!

  5. Just wondering. With the Blood Sugar Solution program, is it OK to have just a shake for breakfast? I’ve read that a good protein breakfast helps to stave off food-binging later in the day. What is your protein shake?

  6. Thanks Min,
    I just created this table setting last year and you are right we’ll have a very good nutritious meal on Mother’s Day!!! I’ll start planning that meal right away!!! But, the flowers are really pink.

  7. I have yet to get the protein shakes that Dr Hyman suggests in his book and on his website but I am using a Lean Shake and Whey Protein. They might have a little more sugar than Dr H’s has but I had these already so after I have used them I will buy Dr Hyman. And yes, he does recommend a shake for breakfast. In his book “The Blood Sugar Solution” he has many recipes for different kinds of shakes. Adding fruits, veggies and also flax seed. Dr Hyman has a ‘whey protein’ shake on his site… so the ones I use may not be too ‘wrong’ for me right now. I’m now where a shake for breakfast is enough till I have my snack around 11am.

  8. Yum! Sounds delicious. I bet it was pretty on the plate too, with the colorful zucchini and carrots.

  9. You look wonderful in that turquoise color! And you’re so right—the number isn’t so important as the way you feel and your energy level. You are doing GREAAAAT!

  10. Yes, it does look pretty… but we didn’t put many carrots on the stick because it was hard to push them on. I also don’t think I would have peeled the zucchini so that would have been more green. But, my assistant says you should get the skin off. What do you think????

  11. Instead of 82 lbs. to go to reach your 145 lb. target weight, you have only 78. If you lose 4 lbs. per week, at this rate, you will meet your target weight in 19.5 weeks. So, on August 31, 2012 you can celebrate & dance the Zumba! Gotta get those moves down right. But perhaps it isn’t safe to lose weight so quickly.

  12. You are right…it’s not really safe to lose that much every week. It was great that I lost 4 pounds the first week but that was mainly because I really ‘jump started’ my metabolism.

  13. Thanks Min, I think I might try and sit in this chair when I update photos of myself as I slim down!!! And thanks for your great support!

  14. Well, we had the wonderful salmon collard wraps again and they were still so good. I just love this alternative to using bread! I will also enjoy other things wrapped in collards.

  15. Hey CaFe! I am glad you’re feeling better today! I am so proud and happy that you are doing so well with this diabesity health kick!! You go girl! Love ya! 🙂

  16. Hey Rudi,
    Your words are so sweet! Thank you for visiting my site. Come back… but don’t worry, you have plenty of time because I have to keep doing this for 6 weeks. And hopefully, by then it will be the natural way that I eat!!!

  17. CaFe,
    I am happy for you to find this kind of diet. The food looks good, hoping you will continue to create new recipe. Good luck and more power to you!

  18. Janet, You are so sweet to visit my site. Did you check out “Skinny Me”? It’s a graph showing how much weight I have lost and WILL lose. haha.

  19. Sound like a good plan! You are doing great! I am having a good time with Reed. He is taking a nap now so I have to work on my lesson for GAs tonight. It is hard to get things done with a baby. He is always moving and is keeping me busy!

  20. Cecilia, Thanks for visiting my site. I wish you could try some of these recipes. They are all printable so if you see one you like…just click on it and you’ll see the PRINT at the top of the recipe. I know you are enjoying having Reed with you. Where is he sleeping? Not upstairs… probably in Jennifer’s old room?? Love you!

  21. CaFe, I hope you meant to say that Rudi can visit any time because your new program will continue from now on.

  22. This story was on Newshour the other day as well. It’s so sad, especially for young people who have a lifetime in which to cope with health problems and medical expenses. When I taught elementary school eons ago, we were talking about nutrition in the school lunch program. Today we are still talking! And in so many ways the situation is worse now, with the proliferation of ‘fast-food’ joints and television ads.

  23. I was so glad to read what you wrote about water, that basic necessity of life. In the developed world where water is plentiful, H2O is highly underrated and undervalued. It’s what the body needs, not all those sugary drinks. Keep up the great work!

  24. I would think the biggest cost savings would be in doctor and hospital bills! With a healthy diet and regular exercise, we’ll be saving money.

  25. This reminds me of an Italian recipe with dark greens—Swiss chard or spinach—and ricotta. Excellent combo!

  26. Yum! It does sound good with the savory combination of rosemary, garlic, and shallots. It looks very hearty! And heart-healthy too.

  27. Wonderful description of this dish! I will definitely cook this dish again! It was so easy too…and what flavor!

  28. Oh My, I didn’t even think about this. But, you are so right. How about that. We didn’t plan it this way but it was very satisfying.

  29. Someday—soon!—you’ll find yourself focusing on how you feel, not on what the number on the scale is. You’ll feel so healthy that you might even forget to weigh! Wouldn’t that be a welcome relief!? Hey, you’ll feel like dancing!

  30. You are so right. I believe eating this way forever more will make my life so much better. I will be a ‘normal’ weight and will not have to focus at all on how I look or dress or what the scales read. I’m so looking forward to that.

  31. Great that you’re sticking with this. It sounds like your body is starting to get rid of the old, to make room for the new. To paraphrase the old adage, “You will get worse before you get better”, keep in mind that it WILL get better. And consider all the wonderful tasting foods you will be enjoying as your body gets more & more accustomed to unadulterated taste buds.

  32. Love the bicycle-riding clown. He looks happy to be exercising. You have 66 lbs. to go to reach your goal. It’s good that you’re losing gradually. You’re doing great!

  33. Thank YOU for your sweet and encouraging comment! Only 66 pounds…eating like this will be a dream come true!

  34. Flax is a great plant source for Omega-3 fatty acid, also referred to as alpha-linolenic acid. It helps in reducing inflammation throughout the body, so after a couple of weeks you should be able to walk that mile every day free of body discomfort.

  35. This looks absolutely delicious. I love pu·réed soups. Will try this recipe very soon!

  36. I think losing slowly is better than losing fast. It gives your mind and body time to adjust to the ‘new you’ and to the nutritious foods, making it less likely that you’ll start re-gaining. So, ‘nice and easy’ does it! You’re in this for the long term and you’re doing great.

  37. Long term is right! I hope I never go back to the way that I was eating. And I agree! I don’t think you should lose it too fast. To me that’s a sure size of gaining it all back. This way I’m not depriving myself of any foods but slowly the weight is coming off. Who said you have to starve to lose weight. My only wish is that I had started this program a year ago when Shirley first told me about Dr. Hyman’s UltraMind cds.

  38. When food is fresh and deliciously prepared, it isn’t so difficult to maintain a healthy diet. No more food additives! I’m so happy for you!

  39. Yes! And thank you for that information. I am thinking that I want to buy a cute little crock (dish) with a spoon so that I can keep the flax seed on my table. That way I’ll remember to add it to all my dishes.

  40. Well, at first when I read pureed I didn’t think that I would like it.. but man oh man my mind was changed!!!

  41. Yea, I finally figured out why I couldn’t stand the taste of water. My taste buds were corrupted with all those sugar and non-sugary drinks! Thank the good Lord for helping me to realize how water is supposed to taste!

  42. Good point. And yes! My plans are to make this a lifestyle of good healthy eating. Never processed food for me again. burger king??? where is that place? I could care less about one of their burgers. I’ll have my Chomp burger or the Turkey Meat Loaf when I think I want that stuff again!

  43. Oh my YES! And when I can stop taking all this heart medication… I’ll be able to add that savings back into my healthy way of eating.

  44. I have to say…this has been the easiest way I have ever lost any weight. I now feel it. I can’t wait to see my heart doctor next month. I might can stop another medication!

  45. This recipe looks wonderful! We’ll have to try it for Sunday brunch sometime. Great job, Caro. Congratulations on all your progress:) Love you!

  46. Oh good… you found something that you would like to try. I just bought more of the Manchego cheese plus, I got some Pecorino (also from sheep’s milk). Just to see if the dish is better or different.

  47. This is an excellent idea! Many people prefer to exercise in the morning. It helps jump-start the day and provides more energy for the long day ahead. Good thinking!

  48. Thanks Min, for all your comments and support. I’ll let you know how this works. Since I’m only able to do one mile on the treadmill, I believe I’ll try and go every day during the week. So, I’m starting out good this week and have been yesterday and today.

  49. Think of the long term. That’s the only way, because there will be many days that aren’t typical. You’re doing great, eating nutritious foods, and exercising. And it’s only Day 46 of the rest of your life!

  50. Thanks Min! I know I can’t let this week begin to change the way things have gone. I will continue doing what I’ve been doing and next week the results will be different. I know they will. I will continue going to the gym too.

  51. Hi there.
    GREAT to see your blog and progress!!!
    I have been battling my weight from high doses of steroids and Multiple Sclerosis shots I give myself.
    I have fought back now for 2yrs… started at 176# … and you know I weighed about 120# when I worked with you.
    I do not believe in crash diets at all… and my weightloss has been SO SLOW… maybe 1# a month, BUT when it is OFF it stays off =) I have used exercise and walking as pain medication… as morphine and all the other drugs out there do not drop my extreme nerve pain even by 1/10… I live with 5/10 migraine like pain on my right side of my face…everyday( trigeminal neuralgia) and brain vasculitis ( inflammation of the blood vessel walls)… and other junk!!
    BUT I WANT YOU to see that my struggle and your struggle are the same…. called WILL-POWER!! These diseases are NOT going to make me/you surrender!
    I am now down to 148# ( 2yrs later ) and fighting like a girl!
    My goal is to get down to 140-145# ~ which I realise is a healthier weight and is obtainable!! I want to be healthy to fight my disease flare-ups… and improve my endurance and muscle integrity, which my M.S. attempts to rob from me daily.
    I do a lot of research and have found this VERY interesting and easy to incorporate in my day.

    and it is VERY GOOD for bloodsugars and CAD. PLEASE read these sites, I got mine at walmart where the olive oil etc is…
    Let me know what you think…
    Expect a Miracle!

  52. Oh Lara! I feel your pain. I’m so sorry that it’s this hard for you every day!!! And to know the faith that you have even while going through this is something else to make me respect your struggle even more! I love you!
    I will try the safflower oil. I use extra-virgin olive oil most of the time but I have used sesame oil too… And Shirley has gotten several other oils that are better for you that we have tried.
    Thanks for visiting my site and YES!! Let’s do this together. It will be fun! Love, Caro

  53. This pork and fresh salad greens look sooo delicious! And it’s such a healthy meal.

  54. A very cool image of the mushroom. It reminds me of the inner rings of a tree trunk. Examining foods as we prepare them is what makes cooking such a joyous activity. Nature has many secrets to unfold. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for visiting my site Shirley. You are so right… making cooking fun makes it so much easier to get in the kitchen. And this site is doing that for me. I get excited about looking for a new recipe to cook. I believe I will try to cook my way through Dr. Hyman’s cookbook.

  55. Trust me! It was soooo good! I had to freeze some of it though but it was still good when I took it out of the freezer! Yummmm

  56. Does anyone recommend a really good way to clean mushrooms? I bought a small brush for the purpose, but it doesn’t clean a very dirty mushroom. I’ve used a moistened cloth, too.

  57. I’d just run them over water to rinse them… And not worry with brushing them.

  58. Haha! The Swiss weight-loss spa is in your head, so you can enjoy it every day, not just on ‘spa days’. Congratulations on the wonderful progress you’re making. Your heart is really thanking you for being so kind to it.

  59. Oh My! I seem to forget that I am eating this way and losing this weight to get my heart healthier AND to stop taking all the heart medication. I’m looking forward to seeing my heart doctor and getting the good news that I can stop all of them! I love this! Thank you for your comment!

  60. Hi CaFe. Love your new website. Looks great!
    Wonderful to see you eating the right foods and taking care of yourself. Healthy food = Healthy mind = Healthy spirit. All the best!

  61. HI CaFe,
    Good for you! Congrats on your weight loss this week! I too have lost 4.5 pounds in total so far. I had the chance today to take a look at the great pics from Dr. Hyman’s cookbook and you have enticed me enough to go ahead and purchase the book even without that many pics on it. It’s going onto my kobo so it’s just as well. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

  62. Hi Aimee and welcome to my site. I hope you will also find the recipes on my blog to be helpful for you. They are easy to print out… I’m not sure what a kobo is (maybe like a Kindle?). I have cooked a lot of the recipes in the cookbook and all of them will be used again. They are that good!!! Congrats for the 4.5 weight loss!!! Lets keep it up.

  63. Thanks Ross! And welcome to my site! Isn’t it wonderful that I can still enjoy shrimp! I know that will help this ‘diet’ plan work. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this years ago! 19.5 pounds so far!!

  64. Chicken cac — a big favorite! And it looks so good too. Have you ever put black olives in it?

    • Oh, I love olives! I’ll have to remember that when I cook this dish again. I bet they would be a delicious addition!

  65. This recipe contains many of my favorite ingredients—chicken, cashews, sesame oil. Stir-frying is a great way to cook because it’s so quick and uses very little oil. And broccoli is a nice accompaniment. Thanks for the recipe.

  66. I’ve never been a fan of these super-size drinks and I don’t understand their popularity. The restaurant industry claims that they serve them by ‘popular demand’. Really? I think it’s because the industry can make more money. I hope NYC is successful and that this idea will spread. After all, it’s the public that pays more to take care of people who consume too many sugary sodas.

  67. “Cooking my way to better health!”

    That’s a great line. Isn’t that what food and nutrition are suppose to be all about? It’s hard to make sense of gourmands and foodies who do not make health their main focus.

  68. Looks delicious. I bet this roasted shrimp, once chilled, would make a nice shrimp cocktail. Served with a tangy sauce of tomato paste, horseradish, and lemon juice.

  69. Oh Yes…it does have a good combination of great ingredients! I hope you will be able to try it soon. Thanks for voting!!! And for your comment too.

  70. How did I miss this one? I only saw it today. Wikipedia says that cardamon is the “world’s third most expensive spice by weight, outstripped in market value only by saffron and vanilla”.

    • Well, the little bottle that I have was about 6 dollars so I would have to agree with you! But, it is lasting a long time…so that’s good.

  71. I want the receipe for above strawberry shake. I know it is probably in the book but … 🙂

  72. I just put 1/2 cup of strawberries, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, 1 scoop of protein shake (I use Lean Shake from GNC)and mix in a blender. Tomorrow I’m going to try a banana. Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

  73. Five stars for Disney! The world is changing…one commercial at a time. TV is such a huge influence on children who watch it. The naive assumption is “if it’s on the big screen, it must be okay for you”. We rely so much on the world to teach us how to live our lives. Glad to know Disney is spearheading a better way to teach our children. I pray that other companies will follow the example. We can make a difference for our children in the world. When those children grow to be adults, their world will be all the better for it.

  74. Oh I agree. I have been telling ‘adults’ about the BSS program and they all either don’t like “Real Vegetables” or “Can’t Cook” so they don’t want to even try it. This is why it is so important to get our kids eating better NOW before they too get into these bad habits! Thank you for your comment and come back to visit my site OFTEN!!!

  75. Oh my, this does look yummy, hearty, and comforting. Just like Mother used to make!

  76. I’m sure you will love the taste of this stew! And on a cool night…just perfect. You start off the cooking like you do with My Mom’s Tomato and Bean Soup. That is why I thought of mother when I was cooking it.

  77. Congratulation on 60 days! Keep up the good food work. It will help you feel so much better. You go girl!

    • You are so sweet to come to my site again. Can you imagine the picture that you will soon see of me!!! Haha. I’ll post one on my blog but it will be a little bit longer. I want to feel a change first. Thanks for your comment!

  78. Yes! I do… all this pampering I’m doing for myself (cooking all this wonderful food)…I can’t help but feel like a Queen. And just to think it has been 2 months of this pampering! And this is a “diet”. Somehow that just doesn’t sound true!!!

    • It will never feel like a ‘diet’ because you are eating such delicious, nourishing foods!

      • Exactly! I really do ‘think’ this every time I sit down to one of my meals. Even the protein shakes! Thanks for all your support!!!

  79. What are you testing here? What size is this picture. I can go find out. haha. Love you!

    • Yes, I my desire…along side red I do favor purple! And I am thankful that I didn’t gain a pound. Right. Next week I’ll probably lose 3 or maybe even 4. If the weight loss continues like it has been going.

  80. Who knew watermelon was so healthy! And so refreshing during the summer months. Thanks for sharing.

    • In this shake… I didn’t put much watermelon, about 1/2 a cup but you could really taste the watermelon in it. It makes you feel even better when you are enjoying foods that are good for you as well!

  81. NSA stands for No Sugar Added! No need for more sugar when sweet potatoes and carrots have so much natural sweetening. And nutmeg has a nice spicy flavor. Thanks for another great recipe.

    • You are welcome! I think I need a food processor. When it comes to this dish one would be quiet handy. The blender worked OK but it would be faster, I think with a food processor. On my ‘to get list’…along with a grinder for the flax seeds. haha. Thanks for your comment!

  82. I took the poll. I’d have to credit ‘good genes’ and ‘eating healthy’, because I’m a klutz when it comes to gym equipment. I’d probably kill myself! I do like to walk.

  83. The word ‘journal’ comes from a Middle English word for daily. So your daily menus and blogs are a perfect journal of your journey.

    • Neat O! And Dr. Hyman suggest that we keep a journal of our progress. It’s prefect! I write in my diary every night but the blog is a lot more detailed and colorful! Thanks for your comment! By the way… I’m glad you cooked the Herb-Roasted Squash dish. I have now cooked it twice and will use it again too. It is so good!

  84. Yellow—the color of sunshine—is perfect for summer. Flowers in the dining area and lovely place settings are so welcoming. On hot days I like to have a carafe of fresh water around for quick thirst-quenching. Happy Summer, CaFe!

    • Sure wish I had removed the ‘eye’-glasses before taking this picture but they are sitting there… I have a picture of water at the other end of the table…you can’t see it in this picture but I do love water now. I can’t believe I really am saying that I love water!! But, it is true and I don’t miss the other drinks either.

  85. Wow! Just WOW! It’s wonderful that you can trim down while enjoying such delicious and nutritious foods. I seriously doubt you’ll ever think about eating the old way again. Congratulations, again!

    • Isn’t this amazing! I sure am glad that my sisters, very sweetly put ‘the bug’ in my ear about Dr. Hyman’s book.

  86. That does look good! Sorry you aren’t feeling well today. Rest and get well soon.

    • Thanks for commenting on my blog! I can’t cook or eat much now with this cold or flu or whatever it is… so the shakes are a lifesaver.

    • I will do that!! I can not believe how easy this is! Just eat these wonderful real foods and lose weight. No yo-yoing up and down the scales! It is a God Send for me.
      bookmark my site and visit me for more updates. I post something every day and every two days or so I put a new recipe up. Try one of the dishes and let me know if your girls like the dish. OK. I’d be interested in knowing what kids think about the foods. Thanks for your comment and I pray you are having a good day!

    • Love your play on words there! You are something else. I was so shocked and happy that I could cross my legs without pain and or without my leg being up in the air… But, I can now! I just didn’t realize what 25 pounds would do! I have 57 more pounds to go!
      Thanks so much for your support and comments!

        • Come back now??? Shoes? Maybe because when you cross your legs you get to swing your ‘shoes’ up so people will notice them? haha.

          • That’s right, especially if the shoes cost an arm and a leg! What’s the use if people don’t even notice?!

  87. Yum and double yum. This dish has lots of my favorite ingredients. I’m rating it Five Stars. It’s so colorful too.

    • You said it! And the shrimp were so tender! Loved it! Thanks for reminding me of the recipe. I’m so excited that this is one dish I can continue eating while on the Blood Sugar Solution program!

  88. If you have trouble finding Hoisin sauce like I did you can use this recipe (below) to make your own. It turned out really good! I didn’t use hot sauce and I used almond butter vs peanut butter.

    Homemade Hoisin Sauce

    4 tablespoons soy sauce
    2 tablespoons black bean paste or peanut butter
    1 tablespoon honey or molasses
    2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
    1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
    2 teaspoons sesame oil
    20 drops hot sauce
    1/8 teaspoon black pepper

    Combine all ingredients together.

    • Thanks a bunch Ross! I can’t wait till all of my sisters get together for family pictures! It will be so wonderful, awesome to NOT be the odd one out with all that extra weight!

  89. I can see it now. This time next year you will run away and join the circus. You’ll be the star attraction as a contortionist! You’ll be able to scratch your back with your toes.

    • Don’t laugh too hard. I’d love to work as a clown and if I got more energy, I just might be able to do it!

  90. Remember me? It has been ages since I have seen you. I am so impressed by you, CaFe! Love your blog!

    • Yes! I remember you!!! It has been ages since I’ve seen you but I have heard of all your travels and so forth. Thank you for your comment and and visiting my blog. Let me know if you like one of the recipes. They are all easy to make and are just real good food. I love this way of losing and I’m thankful that my sweet sisters helped to guide me in this direction!

  91. Enjoyed your recipes so much. I’m looking for tasty recipes for my husband. He has diabetes, wants to get healthy but needs his food to taste good!!
    Thanks again!!

    • Hi Martha,
      Welcome to my site! I hope these recipes prove to be what your husband will really like!! The recipes are all printable so select, print, cook and enjoy! Thank you for your comment!

  92. I’m getting hungry just looking at that picture. And the almond-flax-crusted chicken sounds delicious. Gonna try that soon. Thanks for the recipes.

    • Oh, the almond-flax chicken is really good. I wonder if you will like it. When you have it be sure to let me know. I want to try that sauce with fish. I bet it would be good that way too. Thank you for your comment! And all your wonderful support!

  93. I never would have thought of black beans in a brownie, but it looks good. Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Did you know the scientific name for chia is Salvia hispanica?

    • I’ve found chia seeds and next time I bake the brownies I will have it on hand. They tasted really good but I want to see how they would taste with chia seeds. No…I sure didn’t know that about chia! haha. Let me know if you try these brownies. OK. Thank you for your comment!

  94. Hi, I like your website. I might try those brownies. Of course they will not fly on the BSS site. I am going to a pot luck and I would like to bring a healthy dessert. Almond butter and honey will not do!
    Stay well, Margaret

    • Hi Margaret,
      Why do say that the almond butter and honey will not do or that the brownies will not fly on the BSS site? I have read in the BSS book that it’s OK to use almond butter and or honey…or agave nectar. Don’t want to be eating something that I shouldn’t so please let me know what you mean. OK.

  95. Have fun making tilapia. I’m interested in how you like it with chia seeds and soy flour. So be sure and let us know. Those little flower girls are cute—you must be the one wearing purple and the number 79.

    • Yes! I’m all dressed up in my pearl locket. I’m sorry, I misled you. The chia seeds will be for the next brownie mix I make. Just the soy flour will go in the Tilapia

  96. One more pound GONE FOR GOOD! When you think that those lost pounds will never return, even losing one pound is cause for celebration. That’s one more pound you will not have to think about ever again. You have the right attitude too, that your body knows its ideal weight—and it will get you there in time. Trust your body. Congratulations!

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words! Right, when you think about losing a pound FOREVER…then it really means something. I know if I continue to eat this way that I will not ever have a weight problem again! I want to do this to! It’s amazing to me that I still have not had real big cravings for junk. Today, at the facility they fixed funnel cakes… and all I did was just look at it. Caring not at all to have any!

  97. Yeah, me too. I don’t even like those super-sweet kinds of desserts. Just looking at them makes me ill. I prefer a sweet peach or a piece of dark chocolate for my sweet tooth.

    • Well, I did think of all the junk that was in the funnel cake…and also remembered the ones I’ve had. They aren’t that great. So, I did really well and didn’t even think I was missing out on something!

  98. Carrots are one of my favorite veggies. This recipe looks beautiful, the carrots retaining and even enhancing their lovely orange color. Thank you.

    • Oh Min, You will have to try cooking carrots this way. They are so good and perfect. Not too hard and not too soft. The flavors are amazing. I wasn’t even going to have dinner tonight because I was very late starting it, but this meal was just perfect! Thanks for commenting and let me know if you use this recipe. OK?

    • It was…and so easy to prepare! Next time I hope I can find the lemongrass. I used lemon peel. But you know, the lemon/lime favor is very subtle. Good taste for sure!

  99. What a good idea! For those with visual minds, it’s great to see what we eat on a given day. We might think twice if we could see pictures of all the food that went into our tummies!

    • Yes! I had some very good meals today! I only had the snack so that there could be an even number of pictures in the gallery. Is that crazy or what? haha. But it was a good snack and my lunch was a little less today than it usually is. I’m glad you liked the gallery.

  100. In this case the term ‘down and out’ is a positive one. That’s one more pound that you’ll never see again. So congrats! Keep on going with the ‘down and out’ progress.

    • I love it the way you remind me that I will never see that pound again! So many times I have lost 50, 48 and 35 pounds just to see them all back again on my frame! But this time because the BSS is a lifestyle change in the way I view food and the education that I am getting about foods and nutrition I will not have to worry with ever gaining this weight back! Yeah!!! Thanks for your comment!

  101. Day 88 already! Time flies when you are busy shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking them to perfection. Your dinner sounds delicious and not too much at all. Unless you had a second helping — haha!

    Those red-white-&blue dolls are lovely.

    • I guess because it was a little more than I usually eat at night…I was too stuffed. I used a dinner plate tonight. I have been using a salad plate. I’m going to cut back on fruit this week and see if it makes a difference in how much I lose next week. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Hi Cel, Well the turkey sausage wasn’t bad at all. In fact I want one right now…but just finished the chili for tonight’s dinner so I will wait and have it at another time. Can’t wait for you to try one of these recipes. I’d like to hear how you liked it… and also your hubby too. Thanks for your comment and visiting my site.

  102. This sounds like the perfect way to reach a goal…step by step, slow & easy. Not only do you reach your goal weight, but your health is enhanced ten-fold. This is the true reward. With progress comes confidence; with confidence, more progress.

    • Thanks for your support! And taking the time to comment on my blog! I missed you tonight when I cooked the chili! Remember, you were here when I cooked it the first time.

  103. I’m weighing-in with my opinion. Any downward number is a great number! And, keep remembering, that the previous number is one you won’t be seeing again — ever! So don’t be down, think positively and think of all the delicious, nutritious foods you are eating now and of all the junk food and drinks you are NOT consuming. This way of eating is not like other ‘diet’ programs which involve starvation and deprivations. This is a normal, every-day process of nourishing your body, mind, and soul. It’s a ‘whole-foods’ approach. You’re doing great! Keep on keeping on.

    • You are so right! Thank you for the encouraging words! When I think about 95 days without a sugary drink (but for some fruit juices) it really amazes me and makes me realize that this program is a lifestyle change. But, it sometimes is hard to remember that because the food is so good! No starvation or deprivations for me! So, when I lose a pound…I really don’t see how! But then I have to remember it was the bread, pasta and sweet drinks that put the weight on and if I stay away from all that bad stuff then I will not have to worry about weight ANYMORE! Thanks for commenting and for always your wonderful support!

  104. Someone is having fun with her vegetables. In this picture a Belgian endive cleverly becomes the body of the duck, while a squash or pickle makes up the head & neck. What are the eyes and beak made of?

    • I’m not sure but maybe they just cut into the squash (or pickle) to make the eyes… and the beak?? But isn’t it cute! Perfect day to use it too when I had veggies for dinner. I know maybe the chili didn’t go with the side dish of asparagus but it all was very good!

  105. Asparagus with just about anything would be fine with me! Your frittata looks delicious — those tomatoes have a beautiful garden-fresh color.

    • Yes! I love those little cherry tomatoes! I didn’t know you like asparagus so much. Glad I do now… I fixed asparagus wrapped in steak one time and it was very good. But, I don’t really like steak all that much and it isn’t all that good for you…so maybe I’ll try chicken next time.

  106. This list reminds me of the Bizarre Foods guy, Andrew Zimmern. He’ll eat anything! Some items, such as fugu and durian, might be on a “I dare you to eat this” list. That would be a funny list!

    Great idea for celebrating your 100th day!

    • I’m happy that you enjoyed my list! This one…I thought would get some laughs for sure!

  107. There is nothing on this list that I don’t enjoy. Such wonderful variety! How fortunate we are to be able to get these healthy ingredients. It’s a shame to rely on fast-food vendors for one’s nutrition, when too many of the world’s people struggle for the basics.

    Congratulations on Day 100! You’re having a great ride. “Good Food Buzz — Straight Ahead!” That’s a good motto.

    • You know… I should have thought to put the foods that are new to me now (since the BSS) in red or something. It is amazing all the new foods and spices that I now use. I love cooking up dishes! Dr. Hyman’s Ultra Metabolism Cookbook as spoiled me!

  108. Let the balloons rise and the streamers fall, it’s Party Time at Good Food Buzz! Your ‘diet’ is a riot of nutritious foods, so every day is a party at GFB. Enjoy your 100th day.

    • It has been a good day! I can not believe how well this way of eating is going. And it is so easy! I am wondering now what I will fix for tomorrow’s menus. And it is party time!! Thank you so much for your support!!!

    • I’d love for you to join me!!! I’d like to know what your son would think of this food. And thank you for your support!!! Love you.

  109. Pears and cashews, two of my favorite things, but I don’t believe I’ve had them together. This recipe looks delicious. Thanks.

    • Oh! It is delicious! I promise you, I thought I was having ice cream. When I think of all the times I bought those granola bars…thinking I was eating better. Those bars couldn’t come second to these pears!

    • Thanks Cel! I appreciate your support. I hope you will check back periodically…you might like some of these dishes!

  110. ♫…I put one foot front of the other, No, no, no, nothing’s gonna break my stride, I keep climbing, gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down-own…

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey…I was wondering if any one would recognize those words “nothing’s gonna break my stride”. Don’t you just love David Archuleta!

  111. I loved reading this story. It was quite humorous. And I do believe that God was behind it – your sisters were merely the messengers, delivering the goods. God knows what we need even before we do. A well-designed kitchen is the best way to accomplish a well-designed diet & lifestyle. And God knows all about designing things well. All we have to do is look around & see.

    • Amen to that! Just look around and see how God can create beauty out of nothing! I’m glad you enjoyed my story. I just wanted to be sure my sisters both knew that I appreciate what they do for me!!

  112. Great, great, great!!! And I love the photo you used to show off your new clothes! Fantastic job.

    • Yes! I was very comfortable in church this morning! I also have lots more gowns that I can wear now. Very happy about this and when I think of how easy it is…I wonder why it took so long to get on board with it. Thanks for Dr. Hyman and my two sisters for getting the info to me!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  113. I can just see it now. This time next year you’ll be quite the clothes horse, shopping at fancy stores, reading fashion magazines, dressing up just to go out to your mailbox! What fun!

    • Oh yes! I don’t know what it is but it’s always more fun when you shop when you are smaller. I’ve having so much fun finding all the old clothes that I can wear now! And I’ve just lost 28 pounds…so what is in store…maybe shopping!

  114. They all look & sound delicious to me. I voted on the eggplant dip because eggplant is a vegetable that I seldom eat. The texture isn’t a palate favorite of mine, so I pass it over when it’s served baked or sautéed. But, as a dip, the texture issue would be resolved for me.

    • Well, they all looked so good to me, I wanted to prepare them all but then I realized I would have to eat all of them too. So, I just got the post put up for you guys to choose. Haha. But, I think Zucchini would be my favorite. I may fix that one soon. Thanks for taking the time to vote and visit my site!!!

  115. What a WONDERFUL FEELING!! I am SO proud of you! You are a wonderful inspiration and even though my transformation is taking a lot longer, I share some of the same JOYS!!

    • Well, it seems I am in a rut of losing one pound a week (5 weeks now) so if you stay with it then you will probably reach your goal before me! I sure hope you are feeling well these days!! Thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving me a comment!

  116. So, see…I have it in writing now. I don’t know why but I knew Dr. Hyman wasn’t a fan of milk. In the Blood Sugar Solution book he rarely mentions milk. But, he does use it in some of his recipes. CaFe

  117. please remember that now that u are exercising the scale may not go down as quickly since you will be building muscle. take measurements for concrete encouragement… luv ya

    • Well, I bet I don’t lose any weight this week anyway. I have been eating way too good! haha. And you are right. I thought about this…and I have myself ready for the end results for tomorrow morning. If I gain or lose or only lose another pound, I will be OK with it and continue on with this program. I hope I never stop eating this way. I hope you are feeling better!!!!! Thank you for visiting my site!

  118. Maintaining is still better than gaining, so as you eat to lose weight, lighten up your attitude as well. So what if it takes a while to lose more pounds. You didn’t gain the weight overnight either. The most important thing is that NOW you are eating healthy foods. And the bonus is that they taste great. Another bonus is that fresh foods are fun to prepare.

  119. Thanks for the encouraging words! And I know that you are right. I’m just too focused on the weight loss so I will try and relax a little about that… Thanks for visiting my site!

    • Yes, I was at Kroger the other day and thought…if I ran into you there with your baby boy…I’d probably be so shocked at how big he is now! We need to get together. Thank you for visiting my site and for your comment! I love this way of eating!

  120. I read somewhere that Lyfe has some of its products for sale at Cost-co. Not sure if they are at all Cost-co stores though.

  121. It does look delicious, especially in the bright red bowl. It deserves 5 stars on good looks alone!

    • Well, I was really shocked that this soup tastes as good as it does…I mean it’s so simple to make and the ingredients are simple also. No fuss but it hit the spot tonight! Thank you for your comment and for the time visiting my site!

    • Thank You T! I really do feel like this is the way I will continue to eat even after I get down to 140 pounds. I just love the food and enjoy cooking something that turns out so delicious! Thanks for visiting my site…and try and check back on Thursday to see the results of this week.

  122. I’m dancing a jig! This is great news. I’m beyond thrilled for you. It’s wonderful that the BSS program works so well and so stress-free. No more yo-yo dieting for you! You have found the right balance of nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude. Congratulations!

    • Boy! You are up early this morning! Thank you so much for all your wonderful and loving support! You have made it so much more fun to follow the BSS! I am so excited! Yes! I just wonder what will be my end weight! It’s amazing, isn’t it!

  123. Well, at least you have a nice picture of fruit to enjoy. I love great big fruit baskets. Unfortunately, I can never buy that many fruits at one time because they will spoil before I can eat them all.

    • I like fruits like prunes, dates and raisins. I think I miss those more than I do the apple, oranges or bananas. But, I’ll add them back to my menu slowly. My salad was really good tonight. I used some of the avocado…it actually cut down on the salad dressing that I needed to use.

  124. I looked up that word “einkorn”, which literally means “single grain”. It was first cultivated around 8500 B.C.E. in Mesopotamia. I wonder what it tasted like. Thanks for linking to this article.

    • Maybe it’s like manna that God provided His people. They all complained that it was bland. However, that stuff was much better for us than what we eat today!

  125. Yay! Look at those reward icons! Thanks for giving us motivation to truly realize our exercise routine, instead of merely visualizing it from the sofa.

    • Haha…from the sofa. Right, if you don’t get up you won’t see your reward marker on the board next week. Funny huh…how it motivates us to do a routine. Thanks for helping me to stay motivated!

    • Great to hear from you Janie! I hope all is well with you…and things are better with Sandy! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog!

  126. Your menu today sounds like good choices for one who isn’t feeling well. I hope you feel better soon!

    • It wasn’t too bad but it would have been much better if I had had some soup made. I haven’t felt like going after anything but tomorrow will be better! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving me a comment!

  127. I’m giving this one 5 stars just on looks alone. I’ll try it soon because all the ingredients sound great together. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey, thanks for your comment. It was a very easy way to cook broccoli and it turned out so much better than steamed, I think. Did you notice on the Braised Pork Chops and Pomegranate Molasses over White Beans recipe I put a link to the Lemon Broccoli recipe? I hope it makes it convenient for everyone.

  128. Just finished making and eating this dish on Day 1 of the 6-week plan. Delicious!! Highly recommended.

    • This is wonderful! Happy to hear from you…out there so far away going through what I am going through with the Blood Sugar Solution program. Good Luck to you! Check back here and let me know how you are doing…from time to time. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    • I wish you were here also. I know you would have enjoyed this dish! I hope you are taking care of yourself! Thanks for posting on my blog!

  129. All of your table settings are very festive. What a great way to celebrate the dining experience! I voted for Mother’s Day — the pink flowers, pastel colors, and the four folk art figurines of females make it a beautiful tribute to mothers. Thanks for sharing all of them. I look forward to seeing more!

    • Thanks for voting Min! I wonder if Mother’s Day will win the final count. We’ll have to wait and see. I like it a lot but I also like all that red in 4th of July.

  130. It looks like I’m not the only one with light participation the past two weeks. I’m aiming to improve during September. Thanks for posting this graphic reminder!

    • Yea, I think we all need to improve some! It may be that I didn’t hear from some of the members…if I missed a reward marker, I will put it up next week. I’m going to have to get better!

  131. I like the mothers day because its the way mothers day should be. It warms the heart just looking at it. Very nice…

    • Thank you Janie! I appreciate your vote and your comment!!! It sure does look like the Mother’s Day theme will win out!

  132. It was difficult to choose between Mother’s Day & Summertime. I think the pastels attract my eye more, in general. I finally selected Mother’s Day b/c we all sit down at the table to be thankful to God for blessing us with nourishment & we are also thankful for Mother: our own Mother, Mother Earth. I miss your beautiful table settings when we sit down to share a delicious meal!

    • I miss you sitting across from me too! Well, it seems as though the only one people are choosing is Mother’s Day. So far… Thanks for voting and letting me know why you like the Mother’s Day the best!

  133. I voted for “The Mother’s Day” because it conveyed a very touching and sweet spirit of family. Love, Janie

  134. I really like all of the table settings. Mark Daniel chose the July 4th one so that is how I voted; however, my favorite, I think, is Strawberry Fields. They are all very pretty. See you at work tomorrow. Kara

    • That was so sweet of you to vote, get Mark Daniel to vote and also comment on my blog!! Thank YOU! You didn’t say anything today about this… I know…we are so busy at work. Love you,

  135. I especially liked Summer and Strawberry Fields. I think because they were both bright and inviting. They are all good!

    • Thank You Carol, for visiting my site and taking the time to vote! Come back some time and let me hear from you! I hope you are doing well with your weight loss program but you have probably reached your goal weight by now! Love you

  136. CaFe,
    I picked mother’s day setting. It has a Victorian classy style, looked so dainty and delicate. Caro, you are so creative and everything looks wonderful!

    • Well, you know I’m not creative! But thank you for visiting my site and voting for your favorite table setting. It seems as though everyone likes the Mother’s Day setting the best. Shirley and I did this one together and it was a lot of fun turning it into what you see…from what we started with.

  137. Yum! Very often the simplest way to cook something is also the best way and the most nutritious. I hope you enjoyed the chicken.

    • Oh Yes! This chicken turned out so tender and full of taste. I like the way it browned on the top too. I’ll have to remember how I cooked it!

    • What about that!! Two wonders in one day! You commented on my blog for the second time and I actually wore “real jeans” today! Can’t get any better than that! Thanks Janet!

  138. Great job, CaFe! Got to get back to weight watchers soon. (I am over goal by about 10 lbs and want to go for another 20!)

    • Please let me know how it works for you…when you do start back with WW. Thank You so much for visiting my site…come back often…things are happening. haha. Really I was so shocked that I pulled those jeans on so easily…after struggling for over a month or so to lose any “pounds”. But, I suppose I have lost inches!

  139. Great news! You look great in those jeans. Isn’t it wonderful to see and feel the weight fall off? I’m so happy for you.

    • Oh YES!! And I was so comfortable in them today…it got a little warm but I was able to cross my legs and everything. I love it and I have more jeans too that I’ll be trying out for the fit! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. I really need the support right now!

  140. You look really good in your jeans. I know you have to be pleased with your accomplishment. Keep up the good work girl!

    • Thank YOU Janie! It has been very discouraging lately because I have not lost any real pounds…that I haven’t gained back. So it really helps to have support from you with your ‘encouraging, motivating’ words! I will reach my goal weight! And I will wear more of the clothes that I haven’t been able to get rid of (waiting on The Day)!

  141. The jeans look great. I’m so proud of your accomplishments. I know that you have been working very hard and being very diligent with your new lifestyle change. ~Kara~

    • Thanks Kara! I know you must get tired of me always talking about this big change but it is slowly paying off! And I thank you for your support!!!!

    • Yea, that must be why so many people like to wear jeans. I felt younger in them today! Thanks for commenting on my great shocker!

  142. Wow oh wow!!! You look awesome! Slimming down the ‘bottom half’ is half the accomplishment & you’re doing great with this! As it becomes easier to bounce around, the other half will slim down as well. I’m so proud of you! You have inspiring discipline. BTW – I roll up the bottom legs of my favorite pair of jeans & it looks good.

    • Thank you Shirley! So good to hear from you! And I’m sure if you were here I would have posted a better picture of this shocker! Thanks for the wonderful encouragement and support in this effort of mine to slim down both halves of me.

  143. CaFe, you’ve lost 32 pounds – & counting. How has your energy level changed over the past 2 months? Can you tell a difference? Your lifestyle gives you nutritious meals that make the weight-loss more stable. No cravings, weakness before meals, blood pressure drops, etc. Do you notice any of these? I’m so happy for you. Keep up the excellent work!

    • Yep, 32 pounds but then I had lost 33 pounds but I started gaining back a few pounds… hopefully, I’ll continue to lose now. I still don’t even think about having a diet soda…I sometimes buy soy milk or almond milk for a recipe and then will have it as a treat till it’s gone… I don’t get hungry between meals so I rarely will snack but I have a habit of eating my lunch all morning long…just a few bites at a time. And no…my B/P seems to be fine.

    • Shoot I was so excited I’m surprised that I thought to get this picture! haha. Thanks for your comment! I’ll try and remember to set the picture up better next time I reach an amazing shocker!

    • Hey Brandi! So glad you stopped at my site… It was an amazing feeling to get back in ‘real’ jeans! I had to share the news!

    • Thanks Cecilia! Sweet of you to visit my site and leave me a comment! It sure feels good but I think I’m still stuck on 195 pounds. I’ll find out this Thursday which is the day I weigh in.

    • Thanks Vicki! I don’t think I have lost any more weight…I am trying hard not to gain any (now that I’m on vacation) and I will not give up the fight! At least I have these small accomplishments that make it seem worth it! haha. Thanks for visiting my site!

  144. Wish I were more organized to participate with you guys. When I see your stars & dots on the board, I’m sad that my smiley face isn’t beside them. It seems I can’t keep up with what I do from one day to the next! I got my bicycle on the elevator week before last only to realize the front tire needed air. Walked it over to the local bike shop but they were closed. Store hours are very odd here in Italy. Needless to say, I haven’t got the bicycle back on the elevator since. I do plan to get it repaired though – perhaps this week. Arwen & I plan to do the Energy Stretch Class tomorrow (1 hr. workout) so this should get me a smiley face on the board. Glad you are all working hard at it! Keep it up til I’m back on board!

    • Well, might I suggest that you count more of your activities so that you will earn a smiley face? I know you do a lot more than you realize…stuff that would count for your participation in our 5for5 club. Just be sure and let me know each day what you do. As for tomorrow… send me an email after your Energy Stretch and I’ll put up awards for the both of you.

  145. amazing CaFe!!! so proud for you!!!!! take measurements to compare as well as weight…muscle weighs more remember!!

    • Thanks Teresa… And I’ll get the measuring tape out soon. But the fun of sliding into those jeans comfortably was proof enough that some inches are GONE!!! Thanks for commenting here too!

    • Thanks for visiting my site Min and for your well wishes and encouragement. I’ll pray that these 3 pounds STAY OFF!!! And I will get off that roller coaster!

    • Thanks Janie, I am happy these days! I sure hope you are and you are doing well. Thanks for visiting my site! I don’t think I’ve lost any more weight but you never know…and I have till Thursday before I weigh again.

  146. Oh wow! Those shrimps look beautiful! I’m getting hungry just looking at that picture. I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  147. “Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”

    It’s the scary season, and time for big caldrons of stews, soups, & chowders. Enjoy every bite! Your table is perfect.

      • Thanks! I couldn’t resist it. I went to the annual arts and crafts festival yesterday. It was hard to decide! I was only looking for a Christmas wreath….

    • So, you don’t think it’s too big? It looks like it may be in this picture but it really isn’t. Are you getting scared??

  148. Boy, I really like this. This is really halloweenee! Beautiful center piece. Can’t wait to see Thanksgiving piece.

    • Thanks Janie and thanks for commenting on my blog. This is new for Halloween this year… I’m using the basket with the scarecrows that I made for the table outside. It was time to have a change. For Thanksgiving I just use a cornucopia… Don’t think I’ll get a new one for Thanksgiving this year.

  149. Fabulously festive fall display! It’s perfect! The vibrant autumn colors are just beautiful. Wish we could all join you for a scrumptious meal at this table. What an occasion that would be! I know it brings joy to your heart when you come into this room. It’s almost like the arrangement is smiling back at you. Great job!!!

    • Thanks for visiting my site and for your sweet comment. I wish you all could come for a meal…simple as that! But it’s many many miles that you would have to come! I do love this centerpiece and I’ll enjoy it for years to come! Did you notice I’m using the mustard yellow colored napkins that you gave me? They go perfect with this setting. Don’t you think?

  150. Sorry to hear about your back spasms! Hope you get some rest this weekend. Your website is looking great with all the orange and black Halloween pictures.

    • Thank You Min! I want to do better and when I get over this back ache I will start off differently! Thanks for commenting and Happy Halloween!

  151. Thankfully my nose isn’t as long as Mr. Scary Long Nose’s, but I too dislike the odor of overly-sweet candy. Sometimes it hurts my teeth just to think about it. Happy Halloween, everyone, and I hope your Halloween ‘candy’ isn’t spooky for your good health and well-being.

    • Yeah… I’ve looked online for ideas for tricks this year so I can do without having all that candy here. But I went ahead and bought some today…don’t want to disappoint the kids. It’s great that you don’t like the smell of candy that’s just one reason why you will never have a weight problem.

  152. What a beautiful harvest basket! Your menu sounds great — with the autumn chill in the air, it’s a perfect time for soups, stews, and ‘stoups’.

    • Hi Janie,
      I’m doing fine. How are YOU! And how is Sandy doing? I’m still following the BSS program but I am taking a break from my blog till after Thanksgiving.

  153. CaFe, I just wanted to well you how much I enjoyed lunch today at your house. It was delicious, I just had my left overs for supper…yum yum good. You have such a beautiful home. I want to wish you a great Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you!!! CaFe. Love, Kara

    • Thanks Kara, and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the food with us. You missed it on Monday so I was happy you could come today! Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you on Monday. Cafe

  154. I meant to say … I am thankful for you CaFe!!! (silly keyboard doesn’t type what I’m thinking hahaha) Love, Kara

  155. Your Thanksgiving table is gorgeous. It sparkles with all the glowing autumnal colors. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Min, I appreciate that and thank you for visiting my blog. A friend brought a couple of autumn sprigs with her for me when she came to our Thanksgiving party. I added them to the table and I believe I’ll use them again next year. I like them with the autumn circle. And you know what…I forgot to light the candle for all three meals! Even after you told me remember.

    • Thanks Min,
      I was in a rush…even though I had planned to start back for Christmas. I’m glad you like my Christmas design. Stay tuned for more! And hopefully, more weight loss too!

    • Thanks for visiting my site! The meals will be good today for sure! Breakfast and lunch were…I still have to prepare the chicken dish. My sister bought me this Santa a couple of years ago. I love him too. I have had a lot of fun decorating the house this year! I hope that you’ll come back and enjoy all my decorative scenes.

    • Hey Ross, Thanks for remembering my site. I stopped for a while in November but I am ready to get back at logging in my daily menus. And I hope this time I’ll lose another 30 pounds. I didn’t really stop following the Blood Sugar Solution program so I didn’t gain but 2 pounds back. That is a miracle with all the dishes that I cooked at Thanksgiving. I fixed 15 dishes all together. I had 17 people over one time and for lunch 6 came and then again for lunch 3 more came. It was fun and the food was great…most from the BSS program. I hope you are getting ready to enjoy Christmas this year! Come back every day to see more of my Christmas decorations.

  156. Your slender Santa is a great inspiration for all the delicious Blood Sugar Solution recipes! He is beautiful.

    • Hey, I never thought about that! That’s funny… he’s a neat ‘skinny’ Santa kinda whimsical, I think. Thanks for commenting!

  157. What a great wreath! Very welcoming for your visitors, especially St. Nick 😉 Your salad sounds good — I haven’t had poppy seed dressing in a long tim.

    • It’s funny cause my sister was using poppy seed dressing the last time she stayed with me and I thought it was too spicy hot. But, now I think I may have confused it with another dressing because it is really good. I don’t put it on my salad… I just dip my fork in the dressing then take a bite of the salad. It’s really good. This is the first Christmas wreath I’ve had. I made mine for the last 6 years…so this year I decided to get a really nice one. I’m glad you like it.

  158. What a beautiful setting! All your meals this month will feel like holiday feasts at this gorgeous table!

    • Yes! I love it and I love where my tree is… I can stare at it while I eat. It’s wonderful… I love Christmas!

  159. Beautiful tree! That big Santa looks so real I could imagine him sitting down at your table to enjoy his cookies and milk.

    Just have a strawberry or two while you prepare that pie.

    • I made it just fine while cooking the strawberry pie. Now tomorrow night I will have the Christmas party. You can’t see it in the picture but Santa is holding baby Jesus for me until Christmas Day when I will put Him in the manger.

    • Thanks Min! And thanks so much for visiting my site. I like these carolers too. Next year I think I’ll try putting them around the tree. I over did it with dinner tonight but I brought over half of it home!

    • Yeah… and I’m wondering if he’ll fit in my closet. haha. But boy he is worth the storage process.

  160. What a beautiful and simple way to create a cheese spread. Gonna try this too! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, and just yesterday I found a quick way to slice the tomatoes for the first layer. You put a line of tomatoes on the bottom of a standard plate that has a rim on it. Then you take a second plate and lay on top of the tomatoes. Get a sharp chef’s knife and with one hand on top of the top plate hold it tight and then slice through the tomatoes. One clean cut through all the tomatoes. Then you can start stacking the tomatoes for your tree.

  161. Beautiful photographs for a beautiful Christmas! Thanks for sharing your celebration of Christmas in your joyful pictures.

    • Thanks for visiting my site Min! I love decorating for Christmas and it makes me happy that you were able to see my decorations this year. Merry Christmas!

  162. Beautiful pictures! I like all the snowmen and the ‘cheese spreader’ snowmen. And the red cardinal salt and pepper shakers. And the family of carolers! Everything really; I like it all! So very festive and bright.

    • Thank you Min for visiting my site and leaving a comment! Yes, the red cardinals are salt and pepper shakers. With that big centerpiece, it makes it easier having two sets of S/P on the table. I almost put the cheese spreaders in the cabinet till I would use them but then I thought they would look so cute sitting out. I want to come up with a better way to display my Carolers…something to work on for next year. haha. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  163. I love this holiday picture. Your site looks wonderful on an iPad. I just thought you should know!

    • You can get to my site on your iPad? I didn’t know. So did you put this comment up with your iPad?

    • Yeah, well I think I have missed a day with my daily menu post but I will have to fix it later when I feel better. Now I think every thing is draining!! But at least I have a new frig now and nothing will ruin!

  164. Caro so sorry you have been sick.I hope you are much better by now. I hope you have someone to help you and be with you.There seems to be a lot of “stuff” going around. The Dr.s office is over flowing .Almost over mine,but no energy.Please take care and know that we love you….

    • No energy! I agree… I was sick for 8 days, home just being in bed. And it took me about 2 weeks to get really back to myself. I hope that doesn’t happen in many many years! It was ruff! Thanks for commenting!!! I’ve been away from my blog a while but I am working on getting back up.

  165. This photo is lovely. I wish I could have seen your Christmas tree in the Rose Room up close & personal! I know it was beautiful.

    • Hi Shirley,
      After a while being away from my blog…I’m just coming back and found your sweet comment. I missed sharing Christmas with you this year too but we might be able to celebrate it this year, together here at home. You’ll get to see my second tree with all my new ornaments on it for the first time. Thanks for visiting my site and for commenting!

  166. Good luck with your plan update. If you stick with fresh ingredients and avoid overly sugary foods and drinks, you will be OK. I hope you don’t get ill again, because illnesses can upset any plan, no matter how good it is.

    • Yeah, I do fine when I sleep while I’m sick but then when I get a little bit better, I will always go for the bad stuff that’s easy to fix. I’ll try to do better! And this this plan I will be able to stick with fresh ingredients and really no sugar! I’m still reading labels and will not buy the old stuff I used to!!!

    • Oh, I did. I could have a poached egg now easier than I can my favorite…eggs and cheese. The spinach makes it even better, believe it or not.

  167. Ah, mixed veggies! Wouldn’t it be fun to toss them up in the air and watch all the colors flying?

  168. For me it was a toss-up between Christmas and New Year. I voted for Christmas because it was extra special. All of them are beautiful though!

    • Hey! Thanks for voting! I have noticed that a lot of people are voting but are not letting me know the reason they like behind the vote. I am surprised with your vote. I thought it would be Halloween.

  169. Great plan! “Eating in” is really the only way to know exactly what we are eating. And fresh foods taste so much better than packaged and over-processed ones. I heard that a town near me has a farmers’ market 4 days a week. Now if most towns in America would do that, we could all be healthier … and farmers would be able to produce even more healthy ingredients for our tables.

    I’m in! Let’s “eat in”!

  170. Yum! And looks great too. Thanks for sharing. I’ll try it soon, but based on the ingredients, I’d rate it 5 stars.

    • Me too. And I decided that my blog was a good way to store up recipes that I want to try. Hey, thanks for visiting my site and commenting!

  171. This salad looks perfect for springtime with its soft pastels. I’m giving it 5 stars on looks alone!

    • I liked this recipe because I already have everything for the pesto in my kitchen. Plus, I have the quinoa, just need to pick up the red onion, bell peppers and spinach and I’ll be set to make it. SOON!!

  172. Yummy! And looks so refreshing. Happy Earth Day to you. Every day should be Earth Day!

    • Boy this was so good. I just finished my dinner and this is all I had. The dressing that you make with the orange marmalade is so good and it doesn’t drown the salad either. Our grocery store did not have nectarines so I used fresh sliced peaches. So good. I’ll have this again!

  173. Feliz Cinco de Mayo — two days later, so “Feliz Séptimo de mayo”! Love the colorful table setting for your fiesta!

    • Oh…at first I thought I had the date wrong for Cinco De Mayo but now I see…you were two days late in leaving your comment so it’s Feliz Septimo de mayo.

  174. I really enjoyed the ‘fiesta’ birthday bash! The table setting was so unique and creative! Beautiful work, CaFe!! Thanks, again!!!!


    • Anything for the Birthday Girl!!! I love you Rudi and thanks for commenting on my blog.