Cinco DeMayo: Table Setting

I hosted a Mexican Fiesta party for a friend’s birthday and wanted to share the festive table setting that I created for that special celebration. Please leave me a comment of what you think!


Cinco DeMayo: Table Setting — 4 Comments

  1. Feliz Cinco de Mayo — two days later, so “Feliz Séptimo de mayo”! Love the colorful table setting for your fiesta!

    • Oh…at first I thought I had the date wrong for Cinco De Mayo but now I see…you were two days late in leaving your comment so it’s Feliz Septimo de mayo.

  2. I really enjoyed the ‘fiesta’ birthday bash! The table setting was so unique and creative! Beautiful work, CaFe!! Thanks, again!!!!


    • Anything for the Birthday Girl!!! I love you Rudi and thanks for commenting on my blog.