Eating In is the Best Way to Live

I desperately needed to find this in my email inbox this morning! I have needed a way, a plan to get back with the Blood Sugar Solution plan for some weeks now so this is my plan. To get back in my kitchen and cook the good healthy meals that Dr. Hyman talks about in his BSS book. Will you join me?



Eating In is the Best Way to Live — 1 Comment

  1. Great plan! “Eating in” is really the only way to know exactly what we are eating. And fresh foods taste so much better than packaged and over-processed ones. I heard that a town near me has a farmers’ market 4 days a week. Now if most towns in America would do that, we could all be healthier … and farmers would be able to produce even more healthy ingredients for our tables.

    I’m in! Let’s “eat in”!