Plan Update

Well hello guys, all my blogging friends, I’m back and feel a whole lot better now. I was sick during the Christmas holidays and even after I started back to work, it still took a couple of weeks before I was 100% back into the goings-on around me. It was some sinus infection I had.

Unfortunately I did not stay true to a good diet menu while I was sick—too much comfort foods and not enough preparations. But I have started another plan before I let myself gain back all the weight that I had lost while on the Blood Sugar Solution plan. This plan is from years and years ago when Jake the Body Builder was making the news. Some of you may remember him; he also starred on a sitcom, Big Brother Jake, where he played the adopted son of a black lady. I enjoyed his show and I also have lost 35 and 45 pounds, respectively, while using his 21-day diet menu. So, I’m going to change it up a bit and see if I can’t lose more for the third time using his plan.

I have taken Jake the Body Builder’s 21-day menus and created a 30-day menu plan, because I needed to decrease the amount of food from Jake’s menus.


Plan Update — 2 Comments

  1. Good luck with your plan update. If you stick with fresh ingredients and avoid overly sugary foods and drinks, you will be OK. I hope you don’t get ill again, because illnesses can upset any plan, no matter how good it is.

    • Yeah, I do fine when I sleep while I’m sick but then when I get a little bit better, I will always go for the bad stuff that’s easy to fix. I’ll try to do better! And this this plan I will be able to stick with fresh ingredients and really no sugar! I’m still reading labels and will not buy the old stuff I used to!!!