Day 258

Day 258 Christmas Snowman

Nothing like being too sick to eat but this is how it is these days. And this is all that I have eaten. But I should mention that I have had enough liquid to fill a tub; O.J., grape juice and apple juice all mixed with thera flu.

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: nothing

Dinner: bowl of white beans


Day 258 — 4 Comments

  1. Caro so sorry you have been sick.I hope you are much better by now. I hope you have someone to help you and be with you.There seems to be a lot of “stuff” going around. The Dr.s office is over flowing .Almost over mine,but no energy.Please take care and know that we love you….

    • No energy! I agree… I was sick for 8 days, home just being in bed. And it took me about 2 weeks to get really back to myself. I hope that doesn’t happen in many many years! It was ruff! Thanks for commenting!!! I’ve been away from my blog a while but I am working on getting back up.