Day 257

Day 256 Tree trimming on small tree

I had to cancel my birthday party for tonight. I am sick and couldn’t go to work so I’m staying in tonight and will have a bowl of white beans. Just perfect for this sore throat!

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: nothing

Dinner: bowl of white beans


Day 257 — 6 Comments

  1. I love this holiday picture. Your site looks wonderful on an iPad. I just thought you should know!

    • You can get to my site on your iPad? I didn’t know. So did you put this comment up with your iPad?

    • Yeah, well I think I have missed a day with my daily menu post but I will have to fix it later when I feel better. Now I think every thing is draining!! But at least I have a new frig now and nothing will ruin!

  2. This photo is lovely. I wish I could have seen your Christmas tree in the Rose Room up close & personal! I know it was beautiful.

    • Hi Shirley,
      After a while being away from my blog…I’m just coming back and found your sweet comment. I missed sharing Christmas with you this year too but we might be able to celebrate it this year, together here at home. You’ll get to see my second tree with all my new ornaments on it for the first time. Thanks for visiting my site and for commenting!