Tomato and Cheese Christmas Tree

Tomato and Cheese Christmas Tree

I love this tree so much that I am going to fix it for one of the Christmas parties that I will attend. Healthy and beautiful! I hope mine turns out as pretty as this one!


Tomato and Cheese Christmas Tree — 2 Comments

  1. What a beautiful and simple way to create a cheese spread. Gonna try this too! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, and just yesterday I found a quick way to slice the tomatoes for the first layer. You put a line of tomatoes on the bottom of a standard plate that has a rim on it. Then you take a second plate and lay on top of the tomatoes. Get a sharp chef’s knife and with one hand on top of the top plate hold it tight and then slice through the tomatoes. One clean cut through all the tomatoes. Then you can start stacking the tomatoes for your tree.