Day 242

Day 242 Christmas Tree

Prayers would be nice today! I am going to fix a Strawberry pie this afternoon and I need some encouragement and willpower not to have any. The good thing, I’ll be taking it to a Christmas party where a lot of my friends will be. So, with their help I will stay away from it. And I’ll follow my great menu for today!

Breakfast: Protein Shake

Lunch: Small tossed salad with poppy seed dressing and nuts

Dinner: Grilled Ginger Herbed Chicken Breast


Day 242 — 2 Comments

  1. Beautiful tree! That big Santa looks so real I could imagine him sitting down at your table to enjoy his cookies and milk.

    Just have a strawberry or two while you prepare that pie.

    • I made it just fine while cooking the strawberry pie. Now tomorrow night I will have the Christmas party. You can’t see it in the picture but Santa is holding baby Jesus for me until Christmas Day when I will put Him in the manger.