Day 239

Day 239 Nutcracker and Santa

Wonderful being back on my blog. I enjoyed having my menu planned for yesterday and look forward to my menu for today. I will have to buy the protein shake again so till I get it, I’ll have a traditional breakfast of eggs prepared as an omelet. When I fix an omelet I use six eggs and it makes a nice pie shaped omelet with at least 6 nice sized slices so I really just have one egg for each serving. This will last till I can get the protein shake.

Breakfast: Sun Dried Tomato Frittata

Lunch: Carrots, celery and nuts

Dinner: Grilled Ginger Herbed Chicken Breasts


Day 239 — 2 Comments

  1. Your slender Santa is a great inspiration for all the delicious Blood Sugar Solution recipes! He is beautiful.

    • Hey, I never thought about that! That’s funny… he’s a neat ‘skinny’ Santa kinda whimsical, I think. Thanks for commenting!