Day 238 — 4 Comments

    • Thanks for visiting my site! The meals will be good today for sure! Breakfast and lunch were…I still have to prepare the chicken dish. My sister bought me this Santa a couple of years ago. I love him too. I have had a lot of fun decorating the house this year! I hope that you’ll come back and enjoy all my decorative scenes.

    • Hey Ross, Thanks for remembering my site. I stopped for a while in November but I am ready to get back at logging in my daily menus. And I hope this time I’ll lose another 30 pounds. I didn’t really stop following the Blood Sugar Solution program so I didn’t gain but 2 pounds back. That is a miracle with all the dishes that I cooked at Thanksgiving. I fixed 15 dishes all together. I had 17 people over one time and for lunch 6 came and then again for lunch 3 more came. It was fun and the food was great…most from the BSS program. I hope you are getting ready to enjoy Christmas this year! Come back every day to see more of my Christmas decorations.