Weigh-In Day: 25 October 2012

195 scales rocks

Well, I have been suffering from back spasms since Sunday and everything else is going down the tube. I can’t stand this pain and I am more than tired of it. So this morning, thank the Lord I made it to work but I forgot to weigh. Yes, I can’t believe that I did this but I will have to wait to record my new weight next Thursday. I’ll just say that I am most probably still at 192. However, I did weigh Sunday or either Monday and I weighed 195. So maybe that is the weight I should record for this week since that is the last time I did get on the scales. But I have still lost 32 pounds even though I have gained weight this week (if I use the 195); from 227 to 195. I’m treating my back so hopefully the spasms will stop soon! I am eating well and have not missed any days at work so now my weekend will not be messed up. I’m so happy that I didn’t have to cook much this week!


Weigh-In Day: 25 October 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about your back spasms! Hope you get some rest this weekend. Your website is looking great with all the orange and black Halloween pictures.

    • Thank You Min! I want to do better and when I get over this back ache I will start off differently! Thanks for commenting and Happy Halloween!