Weigh-In Day: 4 October 2012

192 pounds Scales fruit and burger

This is really crazy but I weighed in last Thursday at 192 and on Saturday I decided to weigh in again just to see if I was still 192. Well, I was not…and had gained 3 pounds, yes, I was 195 again. So, this made me want to take a full weekly record of how my weight was going during the week. Minus the Friday after my Thursday weigh-in day I weighed every morning this week and here are the totals. Sun; 198, Monday; 195, Tuesday; 191, Wednesday; 192 and Thursday; 192. This is crazy and I thought maybe I need new scales but it’s probably just the way my weight fluctuates. But the good thing about weighing in every day this past week was being able to find out that I am losing weight during the week…but I’m gaining too so I stay the same. But, I’ll try and do more walking and continue to eat these good healthy meals. I don’t care how long it takes me, I am already a lot more comfortable than I was when I weighed 227 pounds so that is worth continuing in this program! Oh by the way, I’m not eating burgers…I just thought this scale was appropriate for the way my weight has gone up and down this week.

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