Weigh-In 13 August 2012

Scales and feet

This is incredible and I’m waiting on the other shoe to drop! I lost 3 pounds this week! Maybe for the simple fact that I have been worried about eating too much now that I’m on vacation this week. If that is the reason then this time ‘worry’ paid off. Anyway, I hope that next week I will not gain it back. It is so frustrating to lose and gain over and over again. But, every single program I have tried has always turned out this way…after reaching a 30 pounds weight loss. It still is amazing to me that I am not drinking diet soda and water is my main drink these days! So, I’ll hang in there and continue to count my days of having wonderful foods to prepare and enjoy! So, in April I weighed 227 and today I was 192 pounds!


Weigh-In 13 August 2012 — 2 Comments

    • Thanks for visiting my site Min and for your well wishes and encouragement. I’ll pray that these 3 pounds STAY OFF!!! And I will get off that roller coaster!