5 for 5 Reward Poster 3 Sept – 9 Sept 2012

5 for 5 Reward Poster 3 Sept 9 Sept 2012

This week’s reward poster represents the efforts of each individual member of the 5 for 5 club. Even though the participation was a little less this week we still kept the club running. Truthfully I’m very surprised that I got three stars for this week because I have not been feeling so hot. Anyway, so it’s time again to get up off that sofa and start a brand new week of movin’ ‘n’ groovin’. Let’s try to increase our rewards for next week’s visual! Congratulations on your participation and keep on moving.


5 for 5 Reward Poster 3 Sept – 9 Sept 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Wish I were more organized to participate with you guys. When I see your stars & dots on the board, I’m sad that my smiley face isn’t beside them. It seems I can’t keep up with what I do from one day to the next! I got my bicycle on the elevator week before last only to realize the front tire needed air. Walked it over to the local bike shop but they were closed. Store hours are very odd here in Italy. Needless to say, I haven’t got the bicycle back on the elevator since. I do plan to get it repaired though – perhaps this week. Arwen & I plan to do the Energy Stretch Class tomorrow (1 hr. workout) so this should get me a smiley face on the board. Glad you are all working hard at it! Keep it up til I’m back on board!

    • Well, might I suggest that you count more of your activities so that you will earn a smiley face? I know you do a lot more than you realize…stuff that would count for your participation in our 5for5 club. Just be sure and let me know each day what you do. As for tomorrow… send me an email after your Energy Stretch and I’ll put up awards for the both of you.