Me in Jeans: 9 Sept 2012

Me In Jeans 9 Sept 2012

This is absolutely crazy! I have not been able to wear jeans, the style with the zipper in front for over 10 years and today I am in them again! And they are comfortable too…not tight anywhere. A little too long but I suppose that is the way I used to wear them. I know this picture is not the best shot but I had to have a good visual record of this wonderful accomplishment for my blog. Now I will remember a little better of how this felt, to slide into and button a real pair of jeans again! Man oh man…I must have lost some inches somewhere even though I have not lost any weight.


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    • What about that!! Two wonders in one day! You commented on my blog for the second time and I actually wore “real jeans” today! Can’t get any better than that! Thanks Janet!

  1. Great job, CaFe! Got to get back to weight watchers soon. (I am over goal by about 10 lbs and want to go for another 20!)

    • Please let me know how it works for you…when you do start back with WW. Thank You so much for visiting my site…come back often…things are happening. haha. Really I was so shocked that I pulled those jeans on so easily…after struggling for over a month or so to lose any “pounds”. But, I suppose I have lost inches!

  2. Great news! You look great in those jeans. Isn’t it wonderful to see and feel the weight fall off? I’m so happy for you.

    • Oh YES!! And I was so comfortable in them today…it got a little warm but I was able to cross my legs and everything. I love it and I have more jeans too that I’ll be trying out for the fit! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. I really need the support right now!

  3. You look really good in your jeans. I know you have to be pleased with your accomplishment. Keep up the good work girl!

    • Thank YOU Janie! It has been very discouraging lately because I have not lost any real pounds…that I haven’t gained back. So it really helps to have support from you with your ‘encouraging, motivating’ words! I will reach my goal weight! And I will wear more of the clothes that I haven’t been able to get rid of (waiting on The Day)!

  4. The jeans look great. I’m so proud of your accomplishments. I know that you have been working very hard and being very diligent with your new lifestyle change. ~Kara~

    • Thanks Kara! I know you must get tired of me always talking about this big change but it is slowly paying off! And I thank you for your support!!!!

    • Yea, that must be why so many people like to wear jeans. I felt younger in them today! Thanks for commenting on my great shocker!

  5. Wow oh wow!!! You look awesome! Slimming down the ‘bottom half’ is half the accomplishment & you’re doing great with this! As it becomes easier to bounce around, the other half will slim down as well. I’m so proud of you! You have inspiring discipline. BTW – I roll up the bottom legs of my favorite pair of jeans & it looks good.

    • Thank you Shirley! So good to hear from you! And I’m sure if you were here I would have posted a better picture of this shocker! Thanks for the wonderful encouragement and support in this effort of mine to slim down both halves of me.

    • Shoot I was so excited I’m surprised that I thought to get this picture! haha. Thanks for your comment! I’ll try and remember to set the picture up better next time I reach an amazing shocker!

    • Hey Brandi! So glad you stopped at my site… It was an amazing feeling to get back in ‘real’ jeans! I had to share the news!

    • Thanks Cecilia! Sweet of you to visit my site and leave me a comment! It sure feels good but I think I’m still stuck on 195 pounds. I’ll find out this Thursday which is the day I weigh in.

    • Thanks Vicki! I don’t think I have lost any more weight…I am trying hard not to gain any (now that I’m on vacation) and I will not give up the fight! At least I have these small accomplishments that make it seem worth it! haha. Thanks for visiting my site!

  6. amazing CaFe!!! so proud for you!!!!! take measurements to compare as well as weight…muscle weighs more remember!!

    • Thanks Teresa… And I’ll get the measuring tape out soon. But the fun of sliding into those jeans comfortably was proof enough that some inches are GONE!!! Thanks for commenting here too!