Weigh-In 6 August 2012

195 scales rocks

To say the least I am a little bit perturbed, frustrated and maybe just a little bit ready to chuck up the sponge…but not yet! I will survive…I am women and that’s what we do. haha. Anyway, I lost 2 pounds this week but if you go back about 3 weeks I was even less than I am today (194) so actually, I lost two of those pounds that I gained back. Confusing…yes! That is why I like to lose every week instead of lose and gain – gain and lose. But, that is the way it is working for me right now. So, I have to stay with the program and know that I am eating better. I also need to work out more…maybe even start lifting weights but I haven’t been feeling all that great; very very tired these days so I do what I can. Anyway, thought I would update you guys because it was weigh-in day. I didn’t do a Weigh-In blog for last week because I gained a pound. But, this week I have lost two pounds. Yes, the bottom line is that in April I was 227 and today I am 195.

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