Poll: Your Favorite Table Setting

Which one of my table settings do you like the best? Click on each thumbnail to view a larger picture and then vote below. And let me know why you made your choice in the comments section. Thanks for voting; I really appreciate your opinion!

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day tablesetting

Mother’s Day Table


Summer Table Setting

Summertime table setting

July 4th

Table Setting for 4th of July

July 4th table setting

Clown Day

Fun table to have your meals

Clown Day table setting

Strawberry Fields

Table Settings Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

Which table setting is your favorite?

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Poll: Your Favorite Table Setting — 14 Comments

  1. All of your table settings are very festive. What a great way to celebrate the dining experience! I voted for Mother’s Day — the pink flowers, pastel colors, and the four folk art figurines of females make it a beautiful tribute to mothers. Thanks for sharing all of them. I look forward to seeing more!

    • Thanks for voting Min! I wonder if Mother’s Day will win the final count. We’ll have to wait and see. I like it a lot but I also like all that red in 4th of July.

  2. I like the mothers day because its the way mothers day should be. It warms the heart just looking at it. Very nice…

    • Thank you Janie! I appreciate your vote and your comment!!! It sure does look like the Mother’s Day theme will win out!

  3. It was difficult to choose between Mother’s Day & Summertime. I think the pastels attract my eye more, in general. I finally selected Mother’s Day b/c we all sit down at the table to be thankful to God for blessing us with nourishment & we are also thankful for Mother: our own Mother, Mother Earth. I miss your beautiful table settings when we sit down to share a delicious meal!

    • I miss you sitting across from me too! Well, it seems as though the only one people are choosing is Mother’s Day. So far… Thanks for voting and letting me know why you like the Mother’s Day the best!

  4. I voted for “The Mother’s Day” because it conveyed a very touching and sweet spirit of family. Love, Janie

  5. I really like all of the table settings. Mark Daniel chose the July 4th one so that is how I voted; however, my favorite, I think, is Strawberry Fields. They are all very pretty. See you at work tomorrow. Kara

    • That was so sweet of you to vote, get Mark Daniel to vote and also comment on my blog!! Thank YOU! You didn’t say anything today about this… I know…we are so busy at work. Love you,

  6. I especially liked Summer and Strawberry Fields. I think because they were both bright and inviting. They are all good!

    • Thank You Carol, for visiting my site and taking the time to vote! Come back some time and let me hear from you! I hope you are doing well with your weight loss program but you have probably reached your goal weight by now! Love you

  7. CaFe,
    I picked mother’s day setting. It has a Victorian classy style, looked so dainty and delicate. Caro, you are so creative and everything looks wonderful!

    • Well, you know I’m not creative! But thank you for visiting my site and voting for your favorite table setting. It seems as though everyone likes the Mother’s Day setting the best. Shirley and I did this one together and it was a lot of fun turning it into what you see…from what we started with.