Day 131

Day 131 A good friend sign

Friday comes the day after I have found out if I have lost any weight for the previous week. It’s almost like a fresh start every week with the Blood Sugar Solution program, I assess how I did during that week and make changes to the menus accordingly. Although, I didn’t lose any weight last week I will continue on adhering to the advanced part of the BSS and pray that it will work and I’ll lose more weight this coming week. I still almost forget that I am on a diet because the food is so good and I’m pretty much in a habit, a good habit of eating real foods! But the good part about this habit is that I don’t normally snack, or eat between meals. So, the line-up for today stayed the same. This weekend will prove for a change.

Breakfast: Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Black beans, Kale, and a Lara bar

Dinner: Chicken and Leek Soup

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