Day 130

Day 130 Kitty in snow

This little kitty reminds me of my Prudence, a boy cat but we thought he was a girl when he first came to live with us. I loved that cat so much and will never forget him! And I want snow!…NOW! Menus this week have been basically the same thing but I am fine with that and pretty soon I will change it up a bit. I’m having black beans today vs the salmon that I had yesterday and I’m having a Lara Bar!

Breakfast: Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Black beans, Kale, nuts and a lara bar

Dinner: Chicken and Leek Soup and salad


Day 130 — 2 Comments

    • Great to hear from you Janie! I hope all is well with you…and things are better with Sandy! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog!