Quoting Dr. Hyman: How Wheat Makes You Fat

…Supermarkets today contain walls of wheat and corn disguised in literally hundreds of thousands of different food-like products, or FrankenFoods. Each American now consumes about 55 pounds of wheat flour every year.

Dr. Mark Hyman
from Huffpost: Healthy Living three major hidden reasons


Quoting Dr. Hyman: How Wheat Makes You Fat — 2 Comments

  1. I looked up that word “einkorn”, which literally means “single grain”. It was first cultivated around 8500 B.C.E. in Mesopotamia. I wonder what it tasted like. Thanks for linking to this article.

    • Maybe it’s like manna that God provided His people. They all complained that it was bland. However, that stuff was much better for us than what we eat today!