Day 127

Day 127 Fruit

Another great line-up of menus for today! I am limiting my fruit intake because I am following closer to the advanced part of the Blood Sugar Solution program. But, I will be enjoying one avocado this week…as long as it stays fresh! I also added another salad at dinner time but it will be a small one.

Breakfast: Flax and Chia Protein Shake

Lunch: Quinoa Avocado Salad with Black Beans over Arugula (without the quinoa because I am following the advance program of the Blood Sugar Solution)

Dinner: Chicken and Leek Soup and salad


Day 127 — 2 Comments

  1. Well, at least you have a nice picture of fruit to enjoy. I love great big fruit baskets. Unfortunately, I can never buy that many fruits at one time because they will spoil before I can eat them all.

    • I like fruits like prunes, dates and raisins. I think I miss those more than I do the apple, oranges or bananas. But, I’ll add them back to my menu slowly. My salad was really good tonight. I used some of the avocado…it actually cut down on the salad dressing that I needed to use.