Weigh-In: 9 August 2012

194 pounds Scales fruit and burger

Yes! I lost 4 pounds this week! I started the Blood Sugar Solution program on 9 April 2012 and I weighed 227 and now I am 194. I went for a few weeks (more than I really wanted to) with only losing one pound. So, last week I decided to go back to the basic plan with the BSS and now I have a 4 pound weight loss! You can’t get any better than that. I’ll continue on with these wonderful meals too! I’ve learned so many good ways to cook with spices and herbs that just make the foods come alive and also different techniques too. And the food is so mouth-watering good that you don’t see how in the world you can lose weight! But the weight just keeps coming off. Thank you all so much for helping me with your encouragement and support every single day. Thanks to all my wonderful sisters and nieces for getting the 5 for 5 club back in full swing, I know that the ‘dancing to the oldies but goodies’ has helped with this week’s weight loss too! I am so ready to continue on, so stay tuned for next week’s weight loss report.


Weigh-In: 9 August 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m dancing a jig! This is great news. I’m beyond thrilled for you. It’s wonderful that the BSS program works so well and so stress-free. No more yo-yo dieting for you! You have found the right balance of nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude. Congratulations!

    • Boy! You are up early this morning! Thank you so much for all your wonderful and loving support! You have made it so much more fun to follow the BSS! I am so excited! Yes! I just wonder what will be my end weight! It’s amazing, isn’t it!