Day 121

Day 121 Frog hanging on

Day 121! That means I have followed the Blood Sugar Solution program for 121 days! That is amazing in itself, but we can’t forget the fact that I have also lost weight and gained a ton of energy. I’m sure losing 29 pounds has made it easy for me to get around, giving me more energy to do so. I’m on a roll now and I won’t stop! This is the way I eat now, period. Yes! Just like this little frog…”I’m hanging in there”!

Breakfast: Flax and Chia Protein Shake

Lunch: White Bean Salad with Walnut Pesto Chicken

Dinner: Fish and Vegetables in Parchment


Day 121 — 2 Comments

    • Thank You T! I really do feel like this is the way I will continue to eat even after I get down to 140 pounds. I just love the food and enjoy cooking something that turns out so delicious! Thanks for visiting my site…and try and check back on Thursday to see the results of this week.