Day 120

Day 120 - Three Clowns on a box

The menu line up for today is a complete repeat of yesterday but I will enjoy it very much. I think this is a good way to boost my metabolism and get beyond the plateau that I’ve fallen into. I have enjoyed cooking meals every day but it’s also nice for a break. It is somewhat different than it used to be when I had to cook for myself. I never knew what to cook and I’d always dread getting in the kitchen – messing it up – just to clean it up. Plus, I had no energy to do it at all after working all day. But, now I get excited about a new recipe and the foods that I am now eating have given me the energy to get the cooking and cleaning done. So, I just continue on in my efforts to lose weight and get healthy.

Breakfast: Flax and Chia Protein Shake

Lunch: White Bean Salad with Walnut Pesto Chicken

Dinner: Gazpacho with Shrimp and salad (maybe next week I’ll find the shrimp I want)

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