Weigh-In Day 2 August 2012

Scales with green apple

I didn’t lose any weight this week but I was prepared for this and was not disappointed at all. I would rather lose right now but it’s OK because I have a plan. And I have to remember how easy it has been to lose the 29 pounds that I have lost and continue with the process. I weighed 227 pounds in April 2012 and now I weigh 198 so I can’t complain any at all. I just need to change it up a bit and this is what my plan will be. In Dr. Hyman’s book The Blood Sugar Solution he has a list for a 2-week meal plan. The menus are not very strict in so much that for most of the breakfast and lunch meals he lets you select from a list of menus for each. But the dinner meal is listed. However, I can not prepare a different dish every night so I am going to start tomorrow (3 August) and eat the same dish till it is gone then I will prepare another dish. I’ll try and cut the recipes down for one but that might not be possible with every one. This might sound boring to some but I believe it will be just fine for me. And it’s not the rest of my life either…just for 2 weeks this is my plan. We’ll see how it goes after that.

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