Weigh-In: 26 July 2012

Scales with green apple

Unfortunately I am at a plateau and did not lose any weight this week. I am disappointed and a little aggravated however, I will continue on with my plan. I have decided that I will drink more water, exercise more and add more flax seed with my meals. I will press on with these wonderful delicious foods. The bottom line is I have to use patience! I have 53 more pounds that I would like to lose and it really doesn’t matter if it takes another year to accomplish that! I don’t expect to do it over night! And I do know that I will continue to lose weight with the Blood Sugar Solution program. I am at a point now that I do not even consider processed foods, sugar and sugary drinks and bread as real foods so I know I will only get better at eating healthy! This past week I did exercise more but I do not feel that I gained any muscle but that could be the reason why I didn’t lose any weight this week.


Weigh-In: 26 July 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Maintaining is still better than gaining, so as you eat to lose weight, lighten up your attitude as well. So what if it takes a while to lose more pounds. You didn’t gain the weight overnight either. The most important thing is that NOW you are eating healthy foods. And the bonus is that they taste great. Another bonus is that fresh foods are fun to prepare.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words! And I know that you are right. I’m just too focused on the weight loss so I will try and relax a little about that… Thanks for visiting my site!