New Clothes

trying on clothes

Yeah! This morning I can wear ‘new’ clothes right from my own closet! Oh yes! I can now wear medium pants comfortably and a size 20-22 top (20-22 equals between an Xlarge and a 2X)! I was wearing size large pants and a 3x top! I am so excited! Happy Sunday Everyone!


New Clothes — 6 Comments

  1. Great, great, great!!! And I love the photo you used to show off your new clothes! Fantastic job.

    • Yes! I was very comfortable in church this morning! I also have lots more gowns that I can wear now. Very happy about this and when I think of how easy it is…I wonder why it took so long to get on board with it. Thanks for Dr. Hyman and my two sisters for getting the info to me!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. I can just see it now. This time next year you’ll be quite the clothes horse, shopping at fancy stores, reading fashion magazines, dressing up just to go out to your mailbox! What fun!

    • Oh yes! I don’t know what it is but it’s always more fun when you shop when you are smaller. I’ve having so much fun finding all the old clothes that I can wear now! And I’ve just lost 28 pounds…so what is in store…maybe shopping!

  3. What a WONDERFUL FEELING!! I am SO proud of you! You are a wonderful inspiration and even though my transformation is taking a lot longer, I share some of the same JOYS!!

    • Well, it seems I am in a rut of losing one pound a week (5 weeks now) so if you stay with it then you will probably reach your goal before me! I sure hope you are feeling well these days!! Thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving me a comment!