Thoughts: What a Good Kitchen Needs

It is so amazing to me how God works, every day circumstances appear in my life that I know only could have happened with God’s hand, God is in control. The story is almost funny when I think back on how it all happened. Two of my sisters were here visiting with me from out of state and we were having such a good time but they were beside themselves when they went in my kitchen to cook up a meal. I know that each time they did this, there would be at least 5 items that they really ‘needed’ to do a certain task that I just didn’t have. I’d roll my eyes and show them how I’d get the job done with my own kitchen tools. Well, they didn’t accept this and off they went to Bed Bath and Beyond and literally beyond because they bought everything you can imagine for the kitchen. Wonderful little gadgets that I loved but thought to myself, as I rolled my eyes that I’d never use them. Haha…was I ever wrong! I don’t roll my eyes any longer when I reach for the wonderful knives or the juicer that I now have because of my sweet and thoughtful sisters. They knew long before I did that I would need these items…or was that God stepping in to take care of me? I tend to think it was God! It’s a happy occasion when you step into a well prepared kitchen with good essential tools for the many jobs that you will do! Happy Cooking Everyone!


Thoughts: What a Good Kitchen Needs — 2 Comments

  1. I loved reading this story. It was quite humorous. And I do believe that God was behind it – your sisters were merely the messengers, delivering the goods. God knows what we need even before we do. A well-designed kitchen is the best way to accomplish a well-designed diet & lifestyle. And God knows all about designing things well. All we have to do is look around & see.

    • Amen to that! Just look around and see how God can create beauty out of nothing! I’m glad you enjoyed my story. I just wanted to be sure my sisters both knew that I appreciate what they do for me!!