Day 100

Celebrate 100 with colorful streamers

Celebrating 100 days of following the Blood Sugar Solution program. Never have I followed such a great plan of eating and losing weight. I promise, most of these days I had to pinch myself so that I would remember that I am on a ‘diet’. 100-buttonIt is totally different than any diet that you will ever go on and it has been proven to be the last diet you will ever need. The reason is because it’s not the run of the mill diet that deprives you of any certain foods or makes you consume the same thing for weeks at a time. You get to experience all different kinds of real foods that are combined with great spices that brings out great flavors of foods. That is why I’ve had to pinch myself! The good part is that I am losing weight too! I have a limited list of foods today but I’m sure I will enjoy them all and be satisfied for today!

Breakfast: Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Turkey and Red Bean Chili, Asian Bean Salad with Tahini Dressing, bean sprouts and nuts

Dinner: Kale, mushrooms and onions


Day 100 — 6 Comments

  1. Let the balloons rise and the streamers fall, it’s Party Time at Good Food Buzz! Your ‘diet’ is a riot of nutritious foods, so every day is a party at GFB. Enjoy your 100th day.

    • It has been a good day! I can not believe how well this way of eating is going. And it is so easy! I am wondering now what I will fix for tomorrow’s menus. And it is party time!! Thank you so much for your support!!!

    • I’d love for you to join me!!! I’d like to know what your son would think of this food. And thank you for your support!!! Love you.

    • Thanks Cel! I appreciate your support. I hope you will check back periodically…you might like some of these dishes!