Weigh-In Day 12 July 2012

199 Weigh-In Day Scales with veggies

Well, I am a little down today. I wanted so much to be way past 200 pounds but again I only lost one pound. I will need to do some research to see what I can do to ‘jump start’ my metabolism again or maybe just keep doing what I am doing with the Blood Sugar Solution and I will get past this plateau. It is a plateau of some kind even though I am still losing weight. Alright then, it is done for this week and I will carry on. Nothing has really changed, I still want to cook these great meals and eat well. I can’t believe that I am finished with diet soft drinks but I don’t even think of buying one any more. I also do not miss the bread, pasta or sugar! So, all is well and I will continue on. I have lost 28 pounds, from 227 to 199!!


Weigh-In Day 12 July 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m weighing-in with my opinion. Any downward number is a great number! And, keep remembering, that the previous number is one you won’t be seeing again — ever! So don’t be down, think positively and think of all the delicious, nutritious foods you are eating now and of all the junk food and drinks you are NOT consuming. This way of eating is not like other ‘diet’ programs which involve starvation and deprivations. This is a normal, every-day process of nourishing your body, mind, and soul. It’s a ‘whole-foods’ approach. You’re doing great! Keep on keeping on.

    • You are so right! Thank you for the encouraging words! When I think about 95 days without a sugary drink (but for some fruit juices) it really amazes me and makes me realize that this program is a lifestyle change. But, it sometimes is hard to remember that because the food is so good! No starvation or deprivations for me! So, when I lose a pound…I really don’t see how! But then I have to remember it was the bread, pasta and sweet drinks that put the weight on and if I stay away from all that bad stuff then I will not have to worry about weight ANYMORE! Thanks for commenting and for always your wonderful support!