Day 95

Day 95 endive lettuce swan

Well, it is weigh-in day today and I am trying to make myself happy for losing the one pound this week. I wish it would hurry up and GO! But, it seems I am stuck on losing just one pound a week. Anyway, I have great meals for today and will be trying a new dish tonight.

Breakfast: Flax and Protein Shake

Lunch: Roast Chicken with Balsamic Bell Peppers, celery, carrots and nuts

Dinner: Turkey and Red Bean Chili, Asparagus and salad


Day 95 — 2 Comments

  1. Someone is having fun with her vegetables. In this picture a Belgian endive cleverly becomes the body of the duck, while a squash or pickle makes up the head & neck. What are the eyes and beak made of?

    • I’m not sure but maybe they just cut into the squash (or pickle) to make the eyes… and the beak?? But isn’t it cute! Perfect day to use it too when I had veggies for dinner. I know maybe the chili didn’t go with the side dish of asparagus but it all was very good!