Weigh-In Day: 5 July 2012

200 pounds! 4th of July

Yeah! I lost another pound. I celebrate that even though it is only one pound because I am for once in many many years being consistence in my weight loss! I feel every week that I am actually ‘over-eating’ and wonder just how it is that I do lose that one pound. I know that if I added exercise (back) in my schedule that I would probably lose more each week and I promise I am going to try and do that for this coming week. The Blood Sugar Solution program is so easy to follow and such fun! I have my kitchen all ready stocked full of good foods to prepare that now it is really fun to go cook up a good healthy meal! I usually find recipes in Dr. Hyman’s The Ultra Metabolism Cookbook but I am also now able to look over a recipe and know for myself what ingredients that my system doesn’t need. I also believe that with this knowledge I will be able to have the occasional outing in restaurants and know what kinds of foods to avoid and also to ask about before I indulge in them. I am amazed at how well this program works. I also have to say that I totally forget that I am doing without anything! I know that is because with the combinations of the foods that I am eating are so totally satisfying that I don’t think about the junk that I used to crave! Yes! The cravings are still GONE! Thank you all for your wonderful support! I wouldn’t be here, at this point in my weight loss without your support and encouragement!


Weigh-In Day: 5 July 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. In this case the term ‘down and out’ is a positive one. That’s one more pound that you’ll never see again. So congrats! Keep on going with the ‘down and out’ progress.

    • I love it the way you remind me that I will never see that pound again! So many times I have lost 50, 48 and 35 pounds just to see them all back again on my frame! But this time because the BSS is a lifestyle change in the way I view food and the education that I am getting about foods and nutrition I will not have to worry with ever gaining this weight back! Yeah!!! Thanks for your comment!