Day 88

Dolls 4th of July 2012

This was a hard day at work because we have people out (for a much needed and deserved break) and I am working more than I usually do. But everything will be back to normal next week. The wonderful part about it is that I am not putting my meal planning in jeopardy in the least. I believe I may be used to this way of cooking and planning ahead so it gets done. I love it. But, I have to confess, I over ate tonight! I forgot to have the potatoes last night so I made sure I remembered them tonight. My dinner was loaded with such great foods!

Breakfast: Strawberry-Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Sweet peas, celery, Parmesan Cheese, 3 dates, 3 prunes, a few raisins and nuts

Dinner: Almond-Flax Crusted Orange Roughy, Crispy Pan-Browned Red Potatoes and Caprese Salad Kabobs


Day 88 — 2 Comments

  1. Day 88 already! Time flies when you are busy shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking them to perfection. Your dinner sounds delicious and not too much at all. Unless you had a second helping — haha!

    Those red-white-&blue dolls are lovely.

    • I guess because it was a little more than I usually eat at night…I was too stuffed. I used a dinner plate tonight. I have been using a salad plate. I’m going to cut back on fruit this week and see if it makes a difference in how much I lose next week. Thanks for visiting my blog!