Weigh-In Day : 28 June 2012

Scales with bucket of fruit

YES!!! I have to say, I was holding my breath this morning when I stepped onto the scales! I just knew I had not lost any weight at all. I mean, knowing the wonderful foods that I have been eating and I’ve added more fruit this week as well. So, I am very happy that I lost one pound! I’ll take it pound by pound if that is the way my body gets rid of all this extra weight! I will reach my “normal” body weight eventually. Right! I have reached 81 days without having or even thinking about diet coke! I also have not had any processed food, I know the ingredients in every thing that I have eaten. And they are good for me too. I have really enjoyed the dishes that I have had this week but I must seriously think about getting back to exercising! I have dropped the ball on that and just can’t seem to get back with any program. I will try. I believe most of the projects around the house have been taken care of…scratched off the list so now is the time to go back to the gym.


Weigh-In Day : 28 June 2012 — 4 Comments

  1. One more pound GONE FOR GOOD! When you think that those lost pounds will never return, even losing one pound is cause for celebration. That’s one more pound you will not have to think about ever again. You have the right attitude too, that your body knows its ideal weight—and it will get you there in time. Trust your body. Congratulations!

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words! Right, when you think about losing a pound FOREVER…then it really means something. I know if I continue to eat this way that I will not ever have a weight problem again! I want to do this to! It’s amazing to me that I still have not had real big cravings for junk. Today, at the facility they fixed funnel cakes… and all I did was just look at it. Caring not at all to have any!

  2. Yeah, me too. I don’t even like those super-sweet kinds of desserts. Just looking at them makes me ill. I prefer a sweet peach or a piece of dark chocolate for my sweet tooth.

    • Well, I did think of all the junk that was in the funnel cake…and also remembered the ones I’ve had. They aren’t that great. So, I did really well and didn’t even think I was missing out on something!