Thoughts: Basic and Advanced

cover of Dr. Mark Hyman's book Blood Sugar Solution

In Dr. Mark Hyman’s book, The Blood Sugar Solution, you will find several easy test questions about yourself. Answering these questions will give you the information that you need to choose which of the plans—advanced or basic—that you should start with. I started on the advanced plan and stayed with it for 6 weeks, then ‘graduated’ on to the basic plan. Now that I am on the basic plan, I post recipes that may not be for those who are on the advanced program. The few foods that are not on the advanced plan are fruits, pastas, rice, and quinoa. Just thought I would explain that a little more. If you are interested in starting the BSS program, I would suggest that you buy the book, take the tests, and then you’ll be well on your way to start the ‘Drug Free Holiday’…and on to a more healthy YOU!

I would now like to share with you how the “Drug Free Holiday” week was for me. It wasn’t a picnic, but I made it through it by following Dr. Hyman’s recommen­dations. In his book on BSS he suggests an aspirin if you feel bad, and if that doesn’t help, to take a nap. I was very fortunate that I could do this. I did have headaches and diarrhea when I stopped eating all the sugar (white sugary foods as well as the sugar that is in all processed foods) but a nap would help. In just a week or so, the headaches went away when my system had eliminated all the chemicals from the frankenfoods! During that first week you are actually detoxifying your system. It works too and all of a sudden real foods start to taste better, the way they are supposed to taste.

After my first week (the drug-free holiday), I was able to go right into the advanced plan of the BSS program with all the wonderful nutritious foods that work in a fantastic combination to eliminate the cravings for any of the bad foods that I had been so accustomed to. I no longer craved such things as diet coke, other sugary drinks, packaged dinners, and salad dressing.

It has been a fantastic way for me to shed pounds and gain more energy and I continue to feel better with every passing day.

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