Day 80

Clown-Day 80

I am on a roll here! 80 days of eating nutritious foods and getting healthy. I am still amazed at how wonderful this food is and how easy it is to follow the Blood Sugar Solution program! I continue to tell people about it but I believe people just don’t like to cook these days. It seems to be easier to grab something from a convenience store or pop a microwaveable dinner in the oven than to cook meals for yourself or family (I still remember those days). If only they could cook a few of these recipes then they would see for themselves how easy it is to cook. Most of the recipes only take 15 or 30 minutes to prepare and cook…total time from start to serve.

Breakfast: Blueberry and Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Cherry tomatoes, 2 prunes, 2 dates, palm size raisins and nuts.

Dinner: Tangerine Shrimp and tossed salad

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