Weigh-In Day

Scales with an apple

Yesterday was weigh-in day for this week and I am so happy and amazed at how I just continue to lose weight. I have to say that I am now beginning to feel like I have really lost weight. I noticed today that I could cross my legs and very comfortably too! I have not been able to do that in years…so I am happy and I don’t want anything to stop me now! I also can scratch my back…my arms will reach all the way to the middle of my back now and up around my shoulders. I lost another 2 pounds this week. I began the Blood Sugar Solution program on 9 April and I weighed 227 pounds. Today I am 202…25 pounds gone! I can’t tell you how great this feels. But, it has been so easy eating this way. I re-vamped my kitchen a little more today and took out the bread box and the toaster. This will make more room for the food processor and the grinder that I have recently purchased. It is wonderful and if you have not heard of the Blood Sugar Solution, I want to urge you to find out about this program. Dr. Hyman has come up with a wonderful way to re-balance your blood sugar, reverse diabesity, lose weight, and feel so much better! It is all in his book The Blood Sugar Solution. Check it out and let me hear from you.


Weigh-In Day — 2 Comments

  1. I can see it now. This time next year you will run away and join the circus. You’ll be the star attraction as a contortionist! You’ll be able to scratch your back with your toes.

    • Don’t laugh too hard. I’d love to work as a clown and if I got more energy, I just might be able to do it!