Thoughts: Crossing my Knees!

me crossing my legs

I crossed my legs today without even realizing I was doing it or even could do it!! And this feat deserves a whole blog by itself so I had a friend take a picture of my crossed knees! I’m loving it! I also felt a whole lot lighter today when I got out of the car to head into work. No pulling myself out of the car anymore! I am now beginning to move easier. Which, I hope will mean more movement—more exercising! Crossing my knees today was no laughing matter, I believe it hasn’t been done since 2004 and it was very comfortable too. Stay tuned for more of my silliness as the pounds come off!


Thoughts: Crossing my Knees! — 9 Comments

    • Love your play on words there! You are something else. I was so shocked and happy that I could cross my legs without pain and or without my leg being up in the air… But, I can now! I just didn’t realize what 25 pounds would do! I have 57 more pounds to go!
      Thanks so much for your support and comments!

        • Come back now??? Shoes? Maybe because when you cross your legs you get to swing your ‘shoes’ up so people will notice them? haha.

          • That’s right, especially if the shoes cost an arm and a leg! What’s the use if people don’t even notice?!

    • Thanks a bunch Ross! I can’t wait till all of my sisters get together for family pictures! It will be so wonderful, awesome to NOT be the odd one out with all that extra weight!

  1. Remember me? It has been ages since I have seen you. I am so impressed by you, CaFe! Love your blog!

    • Yes! I remember you!!! It has been ages since I’ve seen you but I have heard of all your travels and so forth. Thank you for your comment and and visiting my blog. Let me know if you like one of the recipes. They are all easy to make and are just real good food. I love this way of losing and I’m thankful that my sweet sisters helped to guide me in this direction!