It’s just amazing to me how well the Blood Sugar Solution works. I realized today that I have not had one of those “free days” that I used to have on the old diets that we’ve all tried (and failed with). No, I have not had the free day because I’m already eating very satisfying foods. The combinations of the foods also stop the cravings before —- they become a problem, so much so that you break down to have that free day —- when you’ll get anything that you think you need. Most of those free days turned out to be the end of my diet plan. I’d have the pasta or maybe an ice cream and the next day I’d end up getting the same bad foods without any thought to the diet that I was supposed to be on. I know that is why I’d lose and gain so much of the time but I honestly didn’t know how to stop it. But with Dr. Hyman’s plan he gives you menus that you will feel should be only enjoyed on that free day. So, there…that’s the reason I have not had to bother with having a free day. I don’t need an extra ‘treat’ to make me satisfied because I’m getting it from the great nutrition in real foods every day.

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