Weigh-In: 14 June 2012

scales rocks

Yes! Another 3 pounds, GONE. I am so excited about this weight loss program. I suppose you all know that by now, for one thing I’ve started a blog about it and I don’t blog about just anything. haha. But, really it is amazing to me that no matter what I do I continue to drop pounds every week. Of course that isn’t totally true…I am doing something. I have not had white sugar, white flour, processed foods or sugary drinks for 66 days now so that is something. However, the food that has replaced all of that is so good that I totally forget about the ‘bad stuff’ that I used to eat. Why would I ever stop doing this? I’ll have to ask myself this and hopefully, some of you will remind me of this if I ever do stop eating this way. The Blood Sugar Solution program has turned out to be The Solution for me and my weight struggle! A recap–9 April 2012, I weighed 227 and today 14 June 2012, I weigh 204!


Weigh-In: 14 June 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! Just WOW! It’s wonderful that you can trim down while enjoying such delicious and nutritious foods. I seriously doubt you’ll ever think about eating the old way again. Congratulations, again!

    • Isn’t this amazing! I sure am glad that my sisters, very sweetly put ‘the bug’ in my ear about Dr. Hyman’s book.