Day 64

Compass Day 64

A compass to keep me on track…to lose another 65 pounds! We all need some kind of guidance when we start a new journey and blogging is the journey journal that I’ve found to keep me on the right course in my ‘get healthy’ pursuit. I am thankful for my blog as it helps guide me to my goal. I would like to hear from you, so please feel free to share ways that help you stay on track as you journey towards your own healthy endeavor.

I would also like to report the portion of my meals, especially regarding my lunches. I usually have several items listed for lunch so it might be helpful to list amounts of each. When I take black beans or a vegetable medley or the Lentil and Chicken Stew, a serving of each is 4-5 teaspoons. I have a 3Rule for pickles, olives and watermelon: 3 of each or 3 bite-size squares. And my 3-inchRule applies to raw veggies: 3-inch strips of celery, carrots, cucumbers and cauliflower florets. I include a daily cup of nuts in my lunch most days, but don’t always eat them; when I do, it’s a palm-size serving. As for the last meal of the day, I recently started using a standard 7 7/8 inch salad plate for my dinner portions.

Breakfast: Peach and Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Black beans, Lentil and Chicken Stew, celery, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, olives, pickles, watermelon and nuts

Dinner: Squash and Onions and Sweet Potato-Carrot Mash


Day 64 — 2 Comments

  1. The word ‘journal’ comes from a Middle English word for daily. So your daily menus and blogs are a perfect journal of your journey.

    • Neat O! And Dr. Hyman suggest that we keep a journal of our progress. It’s prefect! I write in my diary every night but the blog is a lot more detailed and colorful! Thanks for your comment! By the way… I’m glad you cooked the Herb-Roasted Squash dish. I have now cooked it twice and will use it again too. It is so good!