Work was work, another day…what can I say? I enjoy my work but I sure do love to come home! I work as a Occupational Therapist Assistant in a Long-term Care facility. I love, really love my patients but I am tired of working. I may not say that when it is time for me to retire but right now I would love to retire. However, I notice I do have more energy. It pays to be on a good schedule and not just for your daily routines but more importantly your meals, snacks and sleep. I think when you have organization in your life, it helps you to lose weight and when you don’t it makes you gain weight. When I am organized I don’t have to worry about my energy getting so low that I will eat the wrong thing to ‘feel better quickly’. I know that I have good healthy snacks with me that I will enjoy better and get that burst of energy that I need the healthy way. I sure am thankful that my sisters told me about the Blood Sugar Solution program!

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