Day 59

Day 59 Peppers

Another busy day, I’m glad my meals were planned ahead of time and no cooking was involved for today. Left-overs are wonderful! My day has been a good one and I’ve shampooed my carpets so that’s a real nice plus! If any one is trying to decide on a side dish, I sure hope you will try the Braised Kale with Mushrooms and Beans. It is so good…and like the recipe says you can also use it as an entree! Another one of my favorite side dishes that I have used before is the Herb Roasted Squash. I want to have it again soon! One thing for sure with the Blood Sugar Solution program, I have not run out of good dishes to try!

Breakfast: Nuts and Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Chicken and salad with Simply Dressed Salad Dressing.

Dinner: Braised Kale with Mushrooms and Beans

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