Day 52

Strawberries 52

Boy I’m beat! Today was work as usual and then to the gym. I did 1 mile on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the stationary bike and 10 reps on 15 different machines! That was a workOUT!! But, I am trying to lose that pound I gained last week plus, lose more for this week. Just kidding. I’m really trying to increase my overall endurance and upper extremity strength. Now that I have started working out in the weight room I will have to continue with it, increasing my reps each day that I go to the machines. Maybe that will work.

Breakfast: Blueberry and Flax Protein Shake

Lunch: Pork Tenderloin and salad with Italian dressing and nuts

Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore and salad with Simply Dressed Ranch dressing

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