Day 51

Day 51

This is a day to get back to work after a wonderful 3-day rest! And it is going slow, but I will make it. I’ve gotten my lunch ready and will be leaving for the day soon. I hope to make it to the gym (or not). I will try…honest! (later…) I did!! I went to the gym! I only did a mile on the treadmill but today I went 3.5 almost the entire time. I’ve tried two new recipes from Dr. Hyman’s The UltraMetabolism Cookbook. I hope you will try these! They are both so easy to make, and yet very tasty! Double Yum!!!

Breakfast: Protein Shake with flax seed

Lunch: salad with Italian dressing, Peach Quinoa with Flax and Nuts and nuts (I forgot to add the flax and nuts on the Quinoa)

Dinner: Roasted Shrimp and Herb-Roasted Squash with Shallots and Garlic

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