Skinny or Fat: Diabetes and Death

This article is so informative of the way we eat as a country that I wanted to share it. It’s not only talking about skinny people but also about what our children are eating. Something needs to be done. It promotes a desire to continue my program with the Blood Sugar Solution and also to venture out into my own community to inform others, especially families with small children. For the children’s sake.

…Just eat less and exercise more. Balance calories in/calories out. It is just physics – who can argue with Newton and the first law of thermodynamics. Biology is more complex. In a vacuum all calories are the same. Burn 1,000 calories of Oreo cookies and 1,000 calories of broccoli in a lab and they release the same amount of energy. So they are the same, right? True, but only in a vacuum; not when they are processed by your metabolism. In fact food contains not just calories, but more importantly, food contains information that controls dozens of hormones, thousands of genes and tens of thousands of protein networks that control everything from your appetite to the rate of fat burning or storage to cholesterol synthesis and more. The food industry has created secret combinations of sugar, fat and salt in junk food that trigger biological addiction – which is why you “can’t just eat one” potato chip, but you can easily just eat one serving of broccoli. Who binges on asparagus? But almost everyone has eaten a whole bag of cookies.

Dr. Mark Hyman
from his May 2012 article Why Being Skinny Doesn’t Protect Us Against Diabetes and Death

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