Day 49

Salmon with Steamed Collard Wraps

I missed church this morning. I wasn’t feeling too well when I first woke up and time slipped up on me. I did attend a graduation lunch for a son of one of my friends. This family had a lot of people there, the room was full and lots of fun with the graduates. One of the graduates said a wonderful prayer before we all went to the buffet line. The prayer was so appropriate for what was occurring and the lad also mentioned Jesus’ great sacrifice that He accomplished at the cross for all of us. The buffet was wonderful and so in tune with what I am able to eat! Although, I did splurge, on one small slice of cheese cake. For dinner I prepared the salmon dish and decided to post a picture of the salmon salad since I didn’t include it in the picture last time.

Breakfast: I slept through breakfast

Lunch, Salad with cranberry vinaigrette, half a piece of baked chicken with red peppers and onions and one slice of cheese cake

Dinner: Salmon Salad in Steamed Collard Wraps and salad.

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