Day 46

This is not a typical day for me. I was able to go to a church social after work today. We had a wonderful lesson in James with the ladies group. And then went to our pastor’s house for lunch. I had planned to slip out and not even be tempted with all the wonderful food (we have fantastic cooks at our church) but, several would not hear of that so I stayed and I ate. I didn’t do too bad though but it was really a bad day to do this since I gained a pound this week. What is happening??? I just know that I can’t give up and I will continue the program! I must add that I had less than a spoonful of each item at the church lunch.

Breakfast: Protein shake with flax seed

Lunch: barbeque chicken, green beans, white beans, coleslaw and banana pudding

Dinner: raw veggies with Parmesan cheese


Day 46 — 2 Comments

  1. Think of the long term. That’s the only way, because there will be many days that aren’t typical. You’re doing great, eating nutritious foods, and exercising. And it’s only Day 46 of the rest of your life!

  2. Thanks Min! I know I can’t let this week begin to change the way things have gone. I will continue doing what I’ve been doing and next week the results will be different. I know they will. I will continue going to the gym too.